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Post election ramblings

I’ve previously kept quiet on here about politics, mainly because not much has kinked my knickers quite as much as our recent election here in the US. Now before I get started, I’d like to preface this by saying that I didn’t support ANY candidate during the election. My vote was purely a preventative measure towards a slightly lesser evil, though it didn’t make a difference. Below I’ll be reposting two posts I put on social media. One was done last week following the election, and the other was posted today.


These crack me up….

The first:

I’m gonna sum things up the best I can.
He got elected.
If you’re just about anything but a white dude, it pretty much sucks balls.
No, there isn’t gonna be a miracle on December 19th where they elect her instead. We’re stuck with it.
Violence and riots solve nothing.
Protect yourselves, and stand up for those marginalized by this hateful rhetoric and biased actions.
Don’t stand idly by while others are oppressed by this new administration. Fight against it. We should be free and equal. If you see someone is getting treated worse than you are because of their color, religion, gender, identity, etc, don’t turn your head silently away and be thankful it’s not you. FIGHT for them. SUPPORT them. Help them be seen and treated as equal. Be a real person, not just some animal that gives in to their ID more often than not, thinking their personal world is all that matters. Be a part of this world, as an empathetic human being and a member of a community. If you go around preaching about communities not being what they were, then do something about it.

Oh, one last thing, this is America. Our country was never about “assimilate or get the fuck out”. Our constitution isn’t about that either. When people don’t like something, they protest it, whether it’s by marching, sit ins, or yes even flag burning. Believe it or not, this is what our country is about. Fighting for change, to always move forward, to make things better, and to right the wrongs of our predecessors is the American way. Keep that in mind when delving into the “get off my lawn and outta my country” attitude.

Now before you start jumping into the comments screaming that he’s not a racist or whatever, consider this. It’s true that you don’t choose who endorses you, however if your rhetoric inspires negativity in others, and enables them to express that negativity in relief that their actions and words are justified, then that speaks volumes. My words were not simply of fear, my words were about standing up for others should you see them being treated badly or persecuted. It’s not just the president elect that I referred to, it’s his administration. Pence has said and done some pretty bad things relating to those with “alternative lifestyles”, and the transition team and cabinet are filling rapidly with those of similar thoughts on the subject. For the record, I’m not a HRC supporter whatsoever. However, if you see her rallies and supporters, you don’t see people throwing around racial slurs and vulgar hate speech the way they did at Trump rallies. Playing devil’s advocate, let’s say he’s not racist or a bigot or sexist. That doesn’t make his rhetoric OK. Also, if he’s not any of those things, and is against it, then it says quite a bit about his character that he encouraged these people further instead of telling them it’s not OK. By doing that, he proved that he cares more about votes than about what’s right. He had TONS of opportunity to build bridges during his campaign, to reach out with understanding and love, to bring a divided nation together. Did he? No. He drove the wedge of division further in with his baseless accusations and hateful words, and now there are people out there being targeted not only by potential legislation against them, but by others in their communities who have targets for their hate and anger, and have been enabled to feel justified in expressing it by the president elect and those he surrounds himself with.

And now, the second:

So last night, something dawned on me, and I think it may have relevance right now. I was talking with Cat about how people are upset that those they love voted for DT in the election, and by doing so they said with their vote that his rhetoric and behavior are acceptable. They are excusing these things because they feel that he might do good things, and that the good outweighs his bad. I was following this line of thought, playing devil’s advocate, and I think this comparison will explain quite a bit.

Anyone ever heard of House M.D.? House was a complete asshole, total narcissist and completely volatile and destructive person. However, he was the best at what he did, and his actions saved lives even though he was a total dick about it. Perhaps people see DT like that, someone who is overall a pretty terrible human being, but will do the good that needs to be done in order to help our country prosper. When seen in that very specific light, I can understand it.

The problem is, that’s a spotlight, and we need all the lights on. House rarely dealt with patients, because he was such an asshole, and regardless of how good he was, he’d never have been allowed to speak to patients the way he did in the show and get away with it. It’s fantasy. Also, he didn’t inspire the worst traits in those who supported him. DT can’t say the same.

The issue is that there’s really no proof that he’d be able to make good on any of his promises, especially to the working class. Trickle down economics have been proven to not work time and time again for a reason that people don’t seem to understand. It’s the same reason that I believe he’d take payoffs regardless of his supposed personal wealth. Rich people have a very high tendency of being greedy, and all they really care about is making more money. Sure, some to a lesser extent, but he’s always shown himself to be the greedy sort, and he’s known among those in his circles as being a con man and scam artist. He’ll do what serves him best, not those on our level, and certainly not those under us. He’s screwed tons of small businesses and individuals, and doesn’t give a shit about it whatsoever. This man will not help us, he will only help himself, and his failures as a businessman prove that his supposed “skills” are not worth the rhetorical wrapper surrounding them, especially since merely touching the wrapper in order to get to what’s inside causes us to become poisoned and sick.

Consider this: He’s a builder. If you’re building a structure, what’s more important, a stronger penthouse or a stronger foundation? His vision, and those of many other rich elites, is to build our economy on mud, and try to drive the columns through to bolster the narrow platform on top. He’s advocating a wine glass, where the bottom base is wide but thin, then a stem of narrow glass holding up the very top, where all the wine resides. That’s not gonna work for us. We need to build ourselves to where our base is firm and strong, and our middle is more of the same, something more reminiscent of an obelisk. We need to be strong, and this man and his policies will not do that. They will bolster the top while taking more away from the bottom. We need someone who will build us strong and repair our lower levels, not someone who will perpetuate our current economic game of Jenga, cuz that’s just one step closer to making us topple over.

Basically, my point here is that this mediocre businessman, who built his wealth by conning and/or screwing people, who started not with peanuts, but rather with millions, is NOT worth the package he comes in. People are focusing on the potential he has to help our economy, and not on the social poison he’s injecting into our populace which is further bolstered by those in his administration. By doing this, his supporters are sending one simple message which further proves the incredible lack of empathy in our society: Our money is worth more than our society on the whole.

Don’t get me wrong, our economy certainly isn’t great, and wealth inequality is huge, but his policies will make that worse, not better. Just look at history. Trickle down doesn’t work, it’s a delusional fantasy, similar to that of pure free market capitalism and pure socialism. They all look good on paper, but that leaves out the most important factor of all…the human factor. People don’t always act in the best interest of the whole, and many tend to act the opposite of that, scraping together what they can while ignoring the world rotting around them.

Over the summer, I ran in a Tough Mudder event. The place was filled with all sorts of people, from average couch potato schmucks like me, to fitness junky dude-bros, and all those in between. I expected it to be survival of the fittest, but it wasn’t at all. Everyone was driven by the goal of making sure others could succeed while they succeeded. Every obstacle was loaded with people of all types helping others overcome the obstacles. Those who knew how to do it taught others, and those who couldn’t do it were helped out and supported so they could get through. Then, the ones who struggled would pass it on and help more people. That day, it wasn’t about who you were in the real world, or what kind of person you were normally. That day it was all about succeeding as a whole, and the sentiment was inspiring and infectious.

Just ask yourselves this, who has a better chance of success: A group of people working as individuals to attain stability and wealth in a specific geographic area, with no regard to one another, OR, a group of people working together in a specific geographic area to raise themselves up and attain stability and wealth as a community, one that cares for its own and includes us all, one that may see people not pulling their weight or struggling and helps them learn and bear the weight? My point is, working independently here isn’t a mindset that drives a prosperous community. We need leadership. We need role models. We need people like the runners on those obstacles, working as a team, showing people the way, climbing to the top only to reach down and help others lift themselves up, because in an environment like that we will all succeed in more ways than just one.