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State of the union

I’ve obviously been MIA lately, mostly due to just not being overly motivated to post stuff. Lots of stuff has happened, yet the status quo is still about the same. We said farewell to our old home, but still haven’t found a new one, so we’re kind of in a state of flux. I’ve watched a bunch of movies I should do reviews on, like Suicide Squad and whatnot, and I’ll get to those soon. I’m also trying to keep myself from posting political shit about the upcoming election, mostly because I could write pages and pages on the subject and none of it would serve any purpose. As of right now, shit goes like this:

  • No new house.
  • Saw movies, will do reviews.
  • Played games, will do reviews on Addicting Pixels for them.

That said, there IS some good to talk about. I’d spoken recently with a few friends about doing a web series on YouTube. I was resistant at first, but think it’d actually be fun now. The only caveat is this: I’ll do it ONLY if the Lish does it with me. She’s intrigued as well, but neither of us know what to base it on. For now, we’re gonna brainstorm some ideas. We’ll likely start out with an idea in mind, and then probably try some other stuff as time clicks on. Once we make progress and get an idea of what we’ll be doing, I’ll let you both know. Deal? Nice! In the meantime, keep being awesome, and I’ll rant at ya soon!