Once again, I’m a filthy hypocrite

So I’ve previously gone on and on about not liking MMOs because of their lack of story, grindy nature, and horrible monthly fee pricing odel. I’ve never had an urge to play World of Warcraft, or any of it’s ilk. I didn’t see the point of grindy through levels just to get better gear so you can grind through more levels. That is, of course, until just the right kind of MMO came my way, and now I’ve stuck eating crow.

No, dummy, not eating THAT crow.....

No, dummy, not eating THAT crow…..

It's true....the hypocrite part, not the I'm sorry part....

It’s true….the hypocrite part, not the I’m sorry part….

I picked up Destiny for the PS4 just after release. I played it a bit, but lost interest after a few sessions, and stopped playing for a few months. About a month or two ago, I noticed quite a few of my gamer pals still played, so I figured what the fuck, I’ll try it again. With a little guidance on how to level up quick, and what to do, I was cranking through the game. I went from level 7 to level 20 in about 5 days of occasional playing, and saw the fun of going on missions and strikes with friends. At this writing, I’m a level 29, and still enjoying the challenge of the strikes and playing with people I know. Granted, playing with people I don’t know is noticeably less fun. I played the Vault of Glass raid when I was a level 25 (don’t do that, it’s way too low a level), and half the people were guys I didn’t know. Even after explaining that I was a low level, and had never done it before, they were still dicks about me not knowing what I was doing and not helping enough. That, coupled with the fact that nobody really explained to me what the fuck was supposed to be done for each section, really turned me off. Aside from that, though, I’m looking forward to hopefully trying it again now with more friends and less douchebags.

My current badass...

My current badass…

Of course, this isn’t a true MMO, and some MMO things that I hated before, I still hate now. For instance, grinding through component collecting so I can upgrade my shit. Fucking annoying. Still, I don’t pay a monthly fee, which is huge. The story is pretty much non-existent, typical of an MMO. Just quick snippets here and there. It’s basically an FPS MMO hybrid, which right now fits my needs pretty well. Most times, I prefer to play a game with a good story and fun gameplay, but now that I have a family, it’s more difficult to spend hours playing and not be able to just walk away at any moment to deal with something and just turn the game off. It’s that pick up and put down thing that I’m digging. That, and the fact that the game plays like a refined version of Halo 2, a game I did very well in. I’m not saying I’m great or anything, but I’m far better at this than a few other FPS games of late.

So yes, MMO people, I kind of get it now. It can be fun if it’s the type of game you like to play as a co-op thing, such as an objective based PVE FPS. That being said, I’ll still never get paying full price for a fucking game, and then having to pay 12 bucks a month just to be able to play the damn thing! That’s some buuuuuuullshiiiiiiiiiit!!!


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