Skating like a spaz

I’ve been rollerblading for a pretty long time. I started when I was about 15 or so, and I did it pretty much daily until I was in my early 20’s. Once I got married and moved to my current town, I pretty much stopped altogether. This is mostly because my new area is very hilly and wasn’t really good for skating. I did it every so often if we went to the park or something, but nowhere near as much as I used to.

Now that I’ve started going to skate night with the Lish, I’ve gotten a bit more comfortable on my blades again, but it’s very different. I see other people there on blades, skating backwards at full speed, spinning around and jumping into 180’s or 360’s without missing a step, and able to do awesome stuff. Problem is, I can’t do ANY of that shit. See, when I skated, it was always on the street. I wasn’t into doing tricks or anything like that, I just went. As such, I never learned to skate backwards or turn around, mostly because there was never a need for it. Sure, I can jump without a problem, and I can skate on one foot for a bit, but that’s pretty much it. I never really improved because I never had a need. Now, I’m feeling the desire to learn, but I’m hitting that “old dog, new trick” problem. I’m used to being very good at this, like it was one of the few things that I thought I did really well. Now, I’m realizing that I’m actually very limited, and far behind other skaters (especially hockey players). It’s a shitty feeling, I won’t lie. I tend to find that in many things I do. I think I’m pretty good at something until I view my abilities in context. Then I suffer from a case of the “poor me”‘s.

I tried a bit of it the other night, and it was pretty sad. For the first time in a very long time, I was actually shaky and afraid of falling. Granted, my fear was mostly because I never wear any type of safety gear. Even when I’m skating street, I don’t wear gear, mostly because I know how to fall properly so I won’t really get too hurt. Doesn’t help all the time, but I’ve only really had 2 nasty wipeouts in all my time skating. Now I feel like I need to wear 8 layers of thick clothing, and full hockey pads to try doing this shit.

Sure, I could just not bother and go along like it’s business as usual, but I WANT to be at that level. I just don’t seem to have enough time and space to practice, since if I tried practicing it at open skate I’d most likely cause a pile up. Oh well, maybe one day I’ll figure it, but most likely I’ll just bitch about it until I stop skating for another decade….


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