Godzilla and Xmen DOFP impressions/review

I’m throwing these two together because I wasn’t so amped in any one way about either of them, but figured I’d throw my thoughts out there anyways. I’ll start out with everyone’s favorite Kaiju!






So my recommendation of this movie will come in 2 parts, one for fans of the previous films, and one for everyone else. The movie started much like the older Godzilla movies, where you don’t really see him until well into the film. I like that. Cloverfield did the same thing, and it was awesome. Godzilla in this movie looked great, though it WOULD have been cool if they’d don’t rubber suit stuff instead of just CGI. The sounds were great, all classic stuff.

Face it, this would be fucking EPIC!!!

Face it, this would be fucking EPIC!!!

That being said, it didn’t really FEEL like a Godzilla movie, per se. It felt more like a drama that takes place in a supermarket, with monsters fucking up the breakroom. It didn’t feel like it was a monster movie. That bummed me out. He did get a fair amount of screen time, but all in all I would’ve been happier with a little more of a classic feel instead of try to overdo the dark drama like it’s another Dark Knight movie, or that atrocious new Superman flick. Don’t get me wrong, it’s far above that sacrilege that was the Matthew Broderick one, but I didn’t feel like it was done right. Just seemed to be something missing. The Lish, however, enjoyed it. So my recommendation is this: If you’re a fan of the series, it’s “meh”. If you’re not a fan of the series, it’s pretty good. I’ll probably pick it up on BluRay, but only when it’s on sale. I honestly feel that Pacific Rim was more along the lines of what this should’ve been.

Another Xmen poster with Wolvy front and center?! Nooooooo...

Another Xmen poster with Wolvy front and center?! Shocker…

Now, onto Xmen: Days of Future Past. I really liked this movie. I enjoyed First Class, and thought it was a cool new take, especially after that horrendous offering of Xmen 3. This one involves a type of time travel where a mutant can send another’s consciousness back in time to take over their younger body and do stuff. Pretty interesting stuff, and cool gimmick in my opinion. So they send wolvy back to alter history and prevent a big war, and hilarity ensues. Overall, I thought it was good. It was a fun movie that held my attention and had a good, albeit recycled, story. Could’ve used more action, but let’s face it, we ALL wanna see super-powered people beating the crap outta shit. I’m not gonna try comparing it to canon, since I don’t have enough background, and since I HIGHLY doubt it’s even close since the initial Xmen are wrong. It was just fun, and I’d watch it again, gladly.


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  1. comicbookcollective says :

    I had a few issues with the X-Men movie as well, in my review.

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