Fighter Practice – 3-6-14

So last night I attended practice again. I actually learned a fair amount this time. Much of the previous outings were spent learning footwork, most of which I already have a good grasp on due to my martial arts background. This time, we worked on striking technique. The first basic strike I have a fair handle on, but this time we learned the other 3 basic strikes. It’ll take some getting used to, of course, but it was great learning from some of the guys who were teaching us this time, as they’ve been in the game much longer than our previous teachers. They definitely seemed more used to teaching.

We also went over some learning techniques which will be very useful, such as a few striking and footwork drills, and slow motion sparring. The latter was actually a really cool thing to learn, and is similar to one-step sparring in most martial arts, only done much more slowly. It gives a good idea and grasp on how your offense or defense can be exploited, and what to do about fixing that. If practices continue like this, then that’d be awesome since it was very enjoyable.

That being said, I also found that I have some serious strength training to do. After practice, my shoulder was fucking killing me, and I could feel the strain in my forearm during practice and after. We did go over some strengthening exercises, but all that shit takes time to happen. Still, it’s not like i’ll be fighting in any tournaments or anything, so I can totally take my time. I did get a kick out of when the instructor referred to “when we fight in tournaments”, or “during real battles”. I’m not about to let him in on the secret…

Finally, funny thing happened after practice. There is a woman who comes to practice and fights sword and board. She came up to my friend and I and asked for our names. Apparently, our given names are too difficult to remember, or just plain suck, so she looked for nicknames for us both. My friend mentioned that he’s just a big leprechaun, and I’m just some asshole. She decided that I am “Braveheart” (which I’m TOTALLY fine with!), and my friend will be “Leprechaun”! I was cracking up, since he obviously wasn’t happy about this, but he did it to himself! I’m not sure what’s worse, being named Leprechaun, or being named Otis, which is what we started calling him last time….Either way, it’s fucking hilarious!


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