Growth potential


Fuck this game!!!

Before you get started with preconceived notions, this post is not about male enhancement. I did try that shit once, though, since I saw the Levitra commercial with the guy throwing the football through the tire swing and was like “wow, this shit can make me fucking manly”. What they don’t tell you is that it’s all bullshit. I tried for hours to throw that goddamn football through the swing, and the raging boner did fuck all to help me!

Come on man, just spot me for a game of Galaga....

Come on man, just spot me for a game of Galaga….

Anyways, I posted something on Facebook today about crowd funding my arcade addiction. As those of you who hate yourselves read this blog faithfully already know, I’ve been on a spending freeze for my arcade habit since before Christmas. I’ve recently been able to make plenty of headway in repairing the machines I already have, and as of this writing I only have 2 that are not playable. One is Asteroids, which I have no fucking idea what’s wrong with, and the other is Missile Command. MC works, but I need new optic boards for the trackball to be able to play it. This information is frustrating as hell, since it’s ~$50 for the parts, and I’m on ice. Truth be told, I was really only posting out of whiny frustration. I wasn’t really serious, just playing up my emo misery. Problem is, sometimes I don’t understand the people around me….


I’m striving to be as gracious as this snuffler…(snuffler being the technical term for Manatee in my house. Just watch them eat a head of lettuce and you’ll understand.)

A friend of mine on Facebook asked me for my email address, which I thought nothing of. I get asked it all the time for people wanting to send me stuff they can’t send over Facebook, and as I met this person through the preschool the wee beasties attend, I figured he probably snapped a cute pic of them to send me. That was, of course, until he told me to check my paypal. I then saw that he gift funded me the amount I needed to get Missile Command up and running. I was struck at that moment. I’m not used to people doing things like that for me, especially for something I really have emotional investment in. I was actually in a semi-state of shock, not knowing how to react. On one hand I thought I should return it, since I’ve always felt weird accept charity/help from others, especially when it came to money. On the other hand, it’s fucking Missile Command, and I also didn’t want to be insulting or come off like a total grubby dick.


Here comes the BOOM mofos!!!

In the end, I kept it, ordered the parts, and will return the money when either our tax refund or my bonus arrives, whichever comes first. What I was surprised by was how well I feel I reacted to the whole situation. In the past, when shit like this would happen, I’d act like a basement dwelling nerd getting hit on by Olivia Wilde. Enjoy that imagery for a moment….. Anyways, I guess I’m finally starting to come around to the societal norms most people take for granted. I’ve never been good at accepting gifts (just ask the Lish), so maybe I’m growing as a person…..or maybe this is what heroin junkies do when someone buys them a fix. Either way, it’s totally awesome. A very big and special thanks to Mr. M for helping me out with this, for his caring and generosity, and for his enabling of my video smack habit….wait, that sounded too much like porn, didn’t it…..crap….Well, Thanks anyway, from the bottom of my pixelated heart!!!


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