Tis the season to be shopping


“cuz I know I’d trample a pregnant lady for a $10 DVD player.” – Rifftrax

I spent much of my morning today shopping online for Christmas gifts working…ahem…. Anyways, I wrapped up shopping for the Lish, the main person I shop for. Sure, I take delight in shopping for my nephews, especially since I can’t shop for my niece anymore due to her being a teenage girl and me being the “old guy” who’s severely out of touch, but she represents the bulk of my efforts. Over the years, with the rising popularity of online shopping, I’ve done more and more of my shopping online. Most of this is because of the deals online that tend to be much better than in store deals, with the exception of Black Friday. I’m not a Black Friday shopper, mostly cuz they call it Black, and that’s fucking racist! 😉 I did the BF thing for a few years many moons ago, but it wasn’t for me. Too cold and too cut-throat.



b-but, I makes it speshul for you!

Anyways, most years I split it up, getting half of the gifts online and half in stores. This year was the first time I can remember shopping exclusively online, and it actually made me sad and depressed. It ended so quickly, and was much less satisfying (HAIYOOOO). I think a big part of that is the social aspect and ritual of going to stores, interacting with people, talking about products/gifts, joking with other patrons about the holidays, etc… When shopping online, it’s reduced to stiff product (haiyo) pages, forums, and people saying the same shit bitching out the holidays by  every year on Facebook. People just complain about the commercialization every year, failing to realize that it only ruins your holiday if you let it. Celebrate in your own way, and don’t buy into the commercialization and you’ll be fine. Back to my point: This whole online trend does get it done, but it just feels so…cold. Colder than it is outside right now, which is pretty fucking cold. The warmth of the holidays, to me at least, is joining other people shopping for gifts for their loved ones, trading occasional pleasantries, and feeling like I actually made a concerted effort to obtain a gift for someone I love more than anything. Maybe it’s just me that feels this way, and that’s fine, but I just want the gifts to have real meaning and I want those I give to to feel the warmth in my heart that I felt when getting it for them. By getting everything online, and feeling the creeping in of the digital winter coming from my monitor, I find it hard to believe they can feel that from me. I’ll probably just return something and go get something in a store, or maybe I’ll make something myself. After all, to me, it was never about the quantity of items given, or the overall money spent, but the amount of thought and love that went into it. Believe it or not, I’d be much happier with a handmade gift that cost 10 bucks than a PS4 or new arcade machine or whatever. Anyways, just wanted to get that down on paper…err,….ah fuck it…


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