Reader poll number 1


“Doesn’t matter what I choose, I’m still gonna try to bang my sister!” – Commodus

I’ve been trolling through a bunch of my previous posts in the almost 2 years that I’ve been blogging, and I realized something. I write about a bunch of random shit! After really reviewing them, there doesn’t seem to be a type of post that people find more or less interesting, so I’m opening this question to anyone who actually reads my eclectic ramblings. What do you want me to post more of? What do you prefer? Is it topical issues/news, current movie reviews, hated movie reviews, video game shit (which includes arcade crap), life issues, crap that happens in my life, my own philosophical or introspective musings, etc? Throw a comment out there and let me know, cuz as usual, I’m clueless. I can’t really go by hits on the page, because 99.9% of people who view my blog don’t “like” or comment on the posts, so it’s hard to know if people find it interesting, boring, stupid, fun, ill-conceived, or whatever. So hit me with some feedback folks, if you are indeed out there. I’m guessing that I’ll get a max of 5 different people who’ll comment on this. I won’t list them by name, you know who you are. You’ll be my target audience, so let me know what to aim at you! 


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6 responses to “Reader poll number 1”

  1. Jackie R. says :

    These:topical issues/news, life issues, crap that happens in your life, your own philosophical or introspective musings, etc.

  2. UnicornOnTheJayneCobb says :

    I am going to second what Jackie said. Your reviews are cool, but I am most entertained by your random rants and other stuff 🙂

  3. Tommy says :

    Your life, life in general, topical and politics.

  4. Leigh-lah says :

    Hey…it’s interesting reading what goes through your head LOL. I like the format you’ve been doing. I find when you try to stick with a specific theme it gets harder to stick to it. I love hearing about the family of course, but I always get some tips on games music and movies to check out as well that I might have just over looked. Current events in your POV are also interesting to read to get other opinions. :). My not helpful answer is I like it as it is LOL

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