Leave of absence

Just a quick post regarding my absence as of late. I’ve been meaning to do a bunch of posts, about arcade shit, movie reviews, and just random rantings. Unfortunately, a recent change at work is really kicking this idea in the dick. I’m not sitting in a very open area with near zero privacy. This is making it really tough to throw a post together, since I’m actually trying to avoid getting in trouble these days. Another issue is that I’ve been spiraling deeper and deeper into my arcade addiction. If any of you thought it was bad before, it’s way worse now. I actually ended up selling off stuff I never thought I’d sell just to pay for it. It’s a sickness, no doubt, but to be perfectly honest, it’s likely the most enjoyable hobby I’ve ever had. Sure that might fade in time, since this is relatively new and I’m still in the “honeymoon” stage, but for now it fills a huge need I have. It’s fun, rewarding, and nowhere near as expensive as other hobbies I’ve had.

So if you actually read and like the stuff I post, don’t worry. I’ll be back soon. This month is insanity for me, but shit should calm down a bit in November. Hopefully I can get on a regular schedule around then.


Listen to Boromir, he knows his shit!


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