The EM arcade

I’m into arcade stuff in a big way. This started a few years ago with the purchase of my first pinball machine, a 1978 Williams Phoenix. After restoring that, I stuck with it for a few years and didn’t go any further, mostly due to a lack of space and funds. Actually, that’s not totally true, I picked up a home use air hockey table for free, fully working. It’s mostly used as a table right now… ANYWAYS… Earlier this year that changed for a short time (though now I’m flat broke again), and I sold my Phoenix only to pick up 3 other pins and 3 arcade games. During this process, I did a ton of searching online for new machines, and came across some really awesome stuff that most people my age and younger have never even seen. 

Before the late 1970’s, video arcade games were pretty much non-existent, and pinball machines weren’t digital. Pinball back then was all Electro Mechanical, or EM. These are the ones with chimes and bells instead of speaker driven electronic audio, and they had score wheels instead of digital displays. What most people don’t know, is that there were arcade games like that as well. These used motors, buttons, and usually a “screen” that was more like a diorama. I’ve looked into these, and they’re pretty awesome. Only problem is, they’re rare. If you see one that’s playable somewhere, don’t pass it up. Check out the vids below to see what I mean.

Sega Gun fight:…

Midway Sea Raider Submarine Arcade Game- 1969…


Haunted House:…

1969 Bally Space Flight…

Sega Moto Champ – 1973…


If you don’t think these are even a little bit awesome, then the child inside you is either asleep or gone. I’d love to have one of these. Enjoy!


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