Sorry man, never saw it…

So I had a thought the other day, which makes 2 so far this year! I’ve been doing a few movie reviews of those that most people hate but I happen to like. This sates a particular part of me, since I get a lot of shit for some of those. My new idea is for me to make some reviews of the odd, random, and/or seemingly unknown movies that I like. This doesn’t mean nobody at all will know them, but so few people do that it just makes sense to me. These reviews will be called “Never heard of it”. Keep an eye out, I should be spamming a few of these out over the next few weeks, once I’m able to come up with a snazzy graphic like the one for “The Hated”.

coming_soon (6)

Coming soon to a diatribe laden personal blog that nobody admits they actually read…more reviews to clutter up your Facebook feed! WOOHOO!!!


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