The Hated – Review of Rocky 5



Much better poster than the actual one.

I will start this by admitting that I loved each and every one of the Rocky films. Some are decidedly better than others, but none are so bad that I wouldn’t watch them if they were on TV. Still, of all the Rocky movies, Rocky 5 gets the most hate. This movie shows a Balboa fallen from grace because of his asshole brother-in-law. Paulie makes a stupid deal and they lose all of their money. They move back to Philly, Rocko opens Micky’s gym back up, and starts training fighters. Enter Mike Tyson Tommy, the machine, Gunn. He wants Rocky to train him, which he does, then sells out to Don King and leaves Rocky in the dust. He fights until he realizes that he’ll never get respect until he fights Rocky, who ends up beating his ass.


Pretty sure he did the fallen from grace thing for the comfy clothes and the ability to wear that hat again…

Now that you know everything of importance that happens in the movie, we’ll get down to it. This is very similar to the other movies, except it focuses more on Rocky moving on and taking Mick’s place. Micky used to be a fighter, and he ended up a trainer. Rocky is following in his footsteps, which is a good and logical progression. He’s done being the fighter, he wants to be the father and mentor. The problem is, he can’t let go. He sees himself in Tommy, and since the fighting world is pretty much the only one he knows and is comfortable in, he clings to it via the newcomer. For him, he’s reliving his fighting days in the only way he can. The main result here is the change in the dynamic of his family life. He, in a way, replaces his real son with his surrogate son, due to their similarities. Only after the betrayal does he realize what he did, and what’s happening. Keep in mind, Rocky is not an intelligent man. He’s also sorta socially inept. In many ways, he’s just a large child, which makes him pretty easy to relate to.


Hands up, hands up, gimme that belt gimme gimme that belt gimme gimme!

We also have Tommy’s journey, the typical deal with the devil type of stuff. He chooses his ambition and desire over the potential family and friends he might have had. He leaves Rocky for the money and publicity, and a ridiculously hot redhead (that part I TOTALLY get!). I do admit that Tommy Morrison, who played Tommy Gunn in the movie, can’t really act for shit. As such, the movie ends up having a mildly comical overtone due to his bad acting, and Richard Grant’s overacting as Don King George Washington Duke. Stallone also cast his own son to play his son in the movie. Apart from adding to the bad acting, he also posed the question of “How did his son age like 5 or 6 years during the flight back from Russia?”.


The kid was there for his sage advice at the end…get it? huh? oh come on, that was awesome!

Honestly, even though it was a break from the traditional Rocky formula, I still  enjoyed it. It was cool to see Rocky street fight him at the end, even though street fights aren’t much like that, and that last uppercut was so far from connecting that another person could’ve fit between them and still not have gotten hit. It had its sins, but was not a bad movie overall (like Superman IV, fuckin’ yikes!). It doesn’t measure up to the other films, but hey, can’t get it right every time.


Tommy was offered money, fame, AND sex with this chick! You’d have done the same shit, so quit bitchin’!


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