World War Atrocity

A few weeks ago, while on vacation, the wife and I got to see our first drive-in movie. It was a double feature, and only about 9 bucks each, which was fucking awesome. The drive-in experience was great. The movies, on the other hand, were not. Let’s look at the first one, shall we?


Go read this, it’s fucking amazing!!!

A bunch of years ago, I read this awesome book called “The Zombie Survival Guide”. Written by Max Brooks, son of Mel Brooks and Ann Bankroft, this is an awesome read for those interested in zombie apocalypse stuff. He followed it up with an incredible book called “World War Z”, which was basically a collection of individual accounts from different parts of the zombie war, brought together as a sort of anthology of short stories. It is an awesome narrative, detailing the struggles of a sudden and violent war with the undead, and the global, political, social, and personal obstacles we’d have to overcome.


Such potential, such great source material, and such a fucking waste of time and money…

Then you have this fucking Brad Pitt movie. The movie is named after the WWZ book, and there is all of ONE thing from the book in the movie, apart from the bad guys being zombies. I’m not exaggerating either. The Oatmeal did a great comic on this, and if you aren’t familiar with his work, the WTF are you waiting for?! Anyways, this isn’t just the raping of an awesome work of fiction, this is far worse. If people see this movie without reading the book, they aren’t gonna want to read the book. The movie, on its own, isn’t good. It’s a straight up zombie flick, pretty generic, with one minor plot gimmick that is the equivalent to having “Deep Woods Off: Zombies” and spraying it on yourself. It’s insulting to Mr. Brooks to name this movie World War Z, and sully the name of such a great book by making such a stupid, insulting, and shitty movie.


The aforementioned comic by the oatmeal.

I’m not saying this movie is the worst out there, it’s eye candy and entertaining enough, so long as you don’t think about anything while watching it. Overall, I feel that someone probably had an idea for a zombie movie, most likely inspired by Brooks’ work, and could only get it made by piggy backing on the name of something established and awesome. This movie, on its own, would have been a briefly entertaining, and wholly forgettable movie. Instead, it shit all over a great book, and caused many of us who loved the book to waste our money. These fucks should be ashamed of themselves.


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