Dreaming life away…or am I?

I’ve been thinking, quite a bit lately, about my obsession with movies. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve LOVED movies. I’d definitely say that I’ve seen more than the average person, many of which were odd or obscure by pop culture standards. I’ve also seen tons of them multiple times, and a few in the triple digits. For the past ten years or so, I split my time between movies and TV shows, plowing through season after season like crazy. I’d say I’ve probably watch a few years of straight TV/movies, were they to be put in succession. This got me wondering, “am I wasting my life with this?”.

My mind immediately justified my actions by attempting to compare it to life a century or two ago. People back then worked hard, and told stories. The stories and songs were their entertainment, much like movies and music are now. The main difference is that I’m spending a shitload more time watching the tube than they did telling a few stories a night. While this could sound good to someone who isn’t really debating me, it’s a pretty flimsy argument. Still, it’s kinda all I have.

So many people in our country these days sit in front of a screen and escape. Whether it’s watching youtube videos, TV shows, or movies, we all escape from reality somehow and dream. I still wonder, though. Are we all just dreaming our way through life? Is escaping from reality having a detrimental effect on us? Are we losing sight of what should truly matter to us, simply because we prefer the simplicity, mindlessness, and lack of responsibility that comes with our preferred fiction? I honestly don’t know, but I think it’s something important to look at. We all need to escape and dream a little in order to stay sane, but how much is too much? Have we just become a society of dreamers who are terribly out of touch with reality? Maybe….It would probably explain quite a bit…


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