Some 3D movies don’t suck


Yet another lame 3D re-release…or is it?

Last night, I ventured out into the wild wilderness to visit Isla Nublar via my local movie theater. This marks one of the few times I’ve gone to see a re-released movie in the theater, made even more rare since I saw this one in the theater during its original release. Now, I’m not really a fan of the whole 3D tend these days, since I see it as a lame gimmick used to get people to watch shitty movies. I made an exception in this case cuz, well, it’s fucking Jurassic Park! I’ve always loved this movie, especially since I was totally obsessed with dinosaurs for much of my childhood. But how did this movie, which is more than a decade old, hold up to the test of time and switch over to 3D? Well, it’s kinda tough to say, because I cheated when I saw it this time…I had the RiffTrax for it playing on my phone through my headphones!


The RiffTrax dream team. They don’t make movies, they make fun of them!


Gotta Pee!!!

I’ve seen this movie literally dozens of times, and almost a dozen times with the RiffTrax playing. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll explain. Years ago, there was a show called Mystery Science Theater 3000. In this show, 3 people (one actor and 2 robots) would watch awful B movies and make fun of them during the flick. It’s actually pretty hilarious. It’s basically just like a director commentary, just with jokes instead of explaining the scene you’re watching. After MST3K ended, the 3 guys who ‘riffed’ the movies started doing the same thing to popular movies, and selling the MP3’s online for you to play during the film. It’s pretty awesome stuff. They’ve done dozens of major blockbuster films, and it really adds to the enjoyment of older films as well as newer ones. Their riff of Jurassic Park is one of the top 5, in my opinion. It’s only 2 people: the main guy Mike Nelson, and guest riffer Weird Al Yankovic! Visit their site, and check out the previews. You won’t be disappointed.


Pardon me, children, do you have any Grey Poupon?

Anyways, the Rifftrax made it more of a comedy, but that doesn’t mean the movie didn’t hold up. The special effects in the movie held up very well, and was FAR more believable than pretty much ANY scene in Avatar (which I loathe). You see the dinosaurs on screen, and they look fucking real! This is probably because THEY WERE! For this movie, animatronics and models were used often for the dinosaurs, making it way more realistic. I hate the current trend of mostly CGI and less actual puppets, models, and make-up. It just looks stupid, and to me, Avatar is my prime example. It looked more like an animated film than it did a live action movie. Jurassic Park didn’t suffer from that. The effects in it look much more realistic than most movies released today. The story and acting were still good as well. The real question is, does the 3D add to the movie, or seem like more of a gimmick like pretty much every other 3D movie?


Sorry, this doesn’t look real, this looks like a head shop blacklight poster…

Personally, I think the way they did the 3D in Jurassic Park made it even more enjoyable, and considering how much I hate 3D movies, that’s quite a statement for me to make. Like I said before, most 3D in movies is, to me, just a pointless gimmick to distract people from an otherwise shitty movie. However, put it in an awesome movie like Jurassic Park, and that changes. The 3D was done extremely well, and made the immersion into Jurassic Park far deeper. I was shocked at how much it felt like actually being there, even with the RiffTrax playing. This made me realize my real reason for hating 3D in movies. It’s not the 3D, it’s the shitty movies! Either a movie is terrible, and the 3D just doesn’t help, or the movie is decent but the 3D doesn’t add anything to it. Using something like 3D should be a subtle immersion tool, not something to wow people with the lame “object coming at you” crap. I really hope the industry would move in that direction, but the money is there, so they’re gonna cash in. It’s just a shame that the 3D aspect might make people not see movies like this which are actually awesome in 3D.

So, to clarify, I fully support going to see this flick in 3D. I actually think it’s worth it, and if you can run the Rifftrax during the show, it’s even better.



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4 responses to “Some 3D movies don’t suck”

  1. boazconstrictor says :

    I just found your blog and really like what I see so far, especially on flicks like this and Evil Dead!
    I’m happily following now, and if you are ever interested in reading other movie blogs, I would be honored if you took a look.
    Here’s the review I posted just today about Jurassic Park. lol

    Either way, I’m looking forward to reading more, thanks!

    • Mr. Persona Non Grata says :

      Thanks bro! I read your review too, good stuff. I’ll have to pick through some of the other stuff there. I agree with what you said about the immersion in his movies, but his chops are not always there. I hated A.I. and E.T., and Crystal Skull was awful. He has great ability, but I think it’s only when the source material is very good as well. Still, he’s done far better than most others. Look at Avatar, what a crap movie. Then again, this is all coming from a guy who’d rather watch Costner’s “The Postman” than Avatar, so my opinions aren’t exactly based on anything other people would consider reputable. Now that I think about it, I’m gonna make a post about all the shitty movies I think are totally awesome!

      • boazconstrictor says :

        DO IT, love the idea of one dedicated to the ones everyone hates but you’re the exception, we all have lists like that. Can’t say I agree with your examples but who cares, it’s not about having the same taste, it’s about understanding why they think that, it’s interesting!
        You may be the first person I’ve met in my life who hated E.T.! lol

        If you end up following, I’m flattered!

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