A war of color

I read something a friend of mine posted on Facebook the other day, and it really got me thinking. It was all about how white people can’t be proud of being white without being considered racist, but other colors, especially black people, don’t have the same problem. It went on to state that  having a month called “white history month” or a TV channel called “WET: White Entertainment Television” would make white people racist, same with having all white colleges or college funds. While this does seem to be a good point on the very surface, there’s something seriously wrong with it that people seem to be missing, and I think I should clarify it.

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Seriously, WTF?!

I’ll just come right out and say it. If you’re proud of the color of your skin, you’re a fucking moron. It means NOTHING! Skin color pride is, to me, like eye color pride, or hair color pride. The jacket on the book has nothing to do with how good the other books with similar jackets are. It doesn’t even track to cultures, since being black doesn’t mean you only came from one part of the world. Your ancestors could have come from a number of places, all with very different cultures. Being proud of something like that is not really well thought out.

Another ridiculous part of this argument is the one about black history month. Personally, I don’t think we should have something like that. People fought so hard for equality in this country, and setting aside a month for just one group of people, especially sorted by skin color alone, shows that there IS inequality on both sides. If someone is Haitian or an aborigine from Australia, should they celebrate “their” history month in America, if they are American citizens? It’s selective celebration, which is complete horse shit.

Honestly, who cares if people have BET, or telemundo, or whatever?! Believe it or not, black people in America haven’t had equality with whites for 100 years yet. Before they did, they stuck together, formed their own little slice of culture in America, and a fair amount of it was based in entertainment. Can any other group make such claims? Of course! Irish, Italian, German, they all stuck together when America had it’s renaissance, and all have their own culture in America. Would someone have an issue with Italian Entertainment Television? I doubt it. However, calling a channel white entertainment television would be ridiculous. Which white? English? Russian? Polish? Swiss? Such a broad generalization makes this such a problem. I’d be just as pissed if they made a white tv channel, since all it really does is to encourage racism, stereotype, and inequality based on skin color, which like I said before is absolutely ridiculous. Still, it really just come down to the name. Just like black history month, naming BET as ‘black’ isn’t a correct enough descriptive term, since it doesn’t encompass all. I think it’d be better to properly define the culture, skin color aside, to solve the issue.

My next point will be aimed at the stupid ass political correctness trend. Whether you’re of a certain skin color, or appear to be from a specific part of the world, I’m not going to refer to you as _-American unless you have citizenship in both countries, and considering how few people have that, it will not be assumed. If your skin is white, what should I call you? German American? Italian American? If you’re skin is black, what should I call you? African American? Haitian American? Jamaican American? If you’re skin color is yellow, what should I call you? Chinese American? Japanese American? It’s bullshit. You’re a fucking American, deal with it. You’re not special, you’re equal, which is what many minorities wanted anyways. If I’m describing someone’s look or skin color, I’m not going to make assumptions as to their ancestry. If someone looks to be from China, Korea, Japan, or Vietnam, I’m probably going to say they look to be from the orient, or just say slanted eyes with yellowish skin. I’m NOT going to call you an Asian, since India and Russia are also in Asia, and they certainly don’t all look the same. If someone has black skin, I’m going to describe them that way. I’m not going to say someone looks African American, because that’s just racist and retarded.

My last statement is one that everyone needs to seriously understand. ALL cultures are racist to some extent. No matter where you are in the world, there will be some type of racism ingrained in the society, and it’s perfectly normal. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I’m saying it’s normal. Over the years, cultures have been invaded, enslaved, oppressed, at war, etc. It’s natural for them to have certain issues with other cultures. There is also cultural pride, where one culture will believe that theirs is the best, and that others are inferior in some way or another. This is nothing new, and nothing out of the ordinary. Pride in one’s own ancestry and culture is totally normal and fine, but keep in mind that hating on another culture may be normal, but it’s definitely not cool. Don’t hate on all people of a race or culture because of the few bad apples. Look at the entire picture. Maybe you’ll find that they did those horrible things because of something your culture did to them. For an example, just take a look at Northern Ireland when the IRA was fucking shit up left and right.

So, to sum up, be proud of your Culture, and not your skin color. Keep the racism from hurting people, and don’t be a dick. We’re in this shit together, and we need to remain undivided. This American Experiment CAN work, but we all need to leave our bullshit and baggage at the door.


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