Craigslist’s nebulous rules

A few months ago, I started cleaning out my basement. Quite a daunting task, considering how much shit is down there. There were some larger items such as some kitchen cabinets, a stove, a washer and dryer, small Ikea armoirs, etc. I started posting these items on Craigslist, and most of it sold relatively quickly. The only holdouts are the washer, dryer, and a mattress.

The problem is, originally I had the washer and the dryer on separate posts, with links to one another in case someone wanted both. These ended up getting flagged and deleted. I went through the ToS on their site, and it looked like they were flagged because they linked to each other. I decided to consolidate the listings to prevent this, and all was well for about a week or two. Then, last night, flagged and removed again. Now I got pissed, so I hit the CL forums to bitch about it.

that's bullshit

Preach on, pussy!

Here’s where things took a turn. According to those on the forums, my post got flagged because I had not tested the units recently, which is due to me not having the right setup at my house (dryer needs a 220v outlet, washer needs hot/cold water). I was selling the pair as-is, they had worked when last used which was about 8 years ago, and during those years they were stored in a dry clean basement. Apparently, 150 bucks is considered way too much for them given the situation, so the user base flagged the post. When I went to the forums, I wasted well over an hour debating this with people until I was told that my posting violated “community norms”, which are basically the unspoken/undocumented rules of the site. I didn’t see any documents or pages citing any examples of what would conflict with this incredibly nebulous rule, which infuriates me further.

While I understand what they were getting at when they told me that it looked like a high price for an item that could very well be broken, I don’t exactly agree with them removing a listing because they think it’s a shitty deal. I’ve emailed people who posted items for sale on CL and told them that it’s overpriced or unclear, and most times they respond back favorably and update their listing. They didn’t have to go through the bullshit I did just to get an answer as to why their post violate the rules that nobody outside of rabid CL hounds knows about. If you’re gonna have rules like that, at least post some examples so people know beforehand.

One last note, the people who monitor the forums there are actually pretty good. I got a response relatively quickly, and the whole thing was fleshed out in about an hour or so. This was at midnight last night. If you’ve ever posted to gaming forums and the like, then you should be well aware of how good a response time that is. I think the first response was about 3 minutes after my initial post. The downside to it, was that the people there kind of viewed me like a slumlord, as if I was just trying to rip someone off in some kind of shady deal. At this point, I’m probably just gonna break them down and scrap the parts. I thought it would be a good deal for someone, especially since there aren’t many combos like that for that cheap, even on CL. If they didn’t work, I’d gladly take them back for a refund and scrap them anyways, but that apparently wasn’t enough for the CL community and their nebulous rules and righteousness.


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