All fired up

Every so often, when I have some downtime, I give a TV series I’ve never seen a shot. Usually it’s a show that I didn’t really have any interest in, but heard good reviews about from other people. A week or so ago, I started checking out Burn Notice, a sort of spy comedy/drama, and what I found actually surprised me.


I fucking NEED that car!!!

I’m usually a sucker for spy stuff, even though I was never really into James Bond. I’m more inclined towards more campy, even silly, stuff. Burn Notice fits the bill on that. It’s about a US spy who gets burned, which means he gets disavowed and blacklisted. He gets dumped in Miami with nothing, and is told he can’t leave the city or he’ll be “taken out”. He doesn’t know why he got burned, or by whom, so he sets out to figure it all out. During this process, he hooks up with his ex-girlfriend, played by Gabrielle Anwar, and an ex-military friend with connections, played by none other than Bruce Campbell. Every episode is about him taking a job to help somebody out, while getting a little more info about his burn notice.



I’m about a season and a half in, and I’m completely hooked. The main character Michael, played by Jeffrey Donovan, is a great character. He explains via narration about the dos and don’ts of spy work, which is pretty interesting, even if it turns out to be false. Mr. Donovan does an awesome job at playing different characters that Michael pretends to be, and it’s best when he plays the sniveling dweeb types, which is fucking hilarious. Then we get to Gabrielle, who plays an ex-IRA woman who loves violence and is always looking for a reason to fuck someone up. I wouldn’t call her conventionally gorgeous, per se, as she’s a bit thin for my liking, but she’s hands down one of the sexiest female characters I’ve ever seen on screen. She also has great chemistry with Donovan, and even with the awesome Mr. Campbell.


Humor, women, & Hawaiian shirts…he’s my fucking idol!!!!

I know I’m biased towards Bruce, considering I’ve loved everything he’s done, and even read both of his books and met him a few times. He is awesome in this role, and I’m happy to see that he had such a big part in a popular show. Whether it’s him picking up random women around Miami like a total hound, or him kicking the shit out of some jacked up dude in his 20’s or 30’s, he delivers like a boss. He plays a solid character with a great mix of humor and toughness.

For honorable mention, Sharon Gless plays Michael’s mother, and she’s excellent as well. Very funny, but with a good amount of depth. Her character is a little annoying at first, but she really grows on you.

The show itself follows a pretty steady formula, and that’s all well and good. The running main story keeps things going pretty well, and the new jobs every episode are entertaining and interesting. I’ve still got 3.5 seasons to go before I’m all caught up, but so long as it stays like this, I’m fine with it. Besides, they keep doing montages of hot girls in bikinis, and this season has fucking Tricia Helfer in it, looking as beautiful as ever. For a guy, what’s not to like?!


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