Limited edition, without the edition….

Lately, with all the talk of politics and such, I’ve really been analyzing my perspective on life. I’ve been bombarded by facts and opinions that run the gamut from cold logical response to purely emotional response. Trying to sift through the facts and feelings is exhausting in and of itself, but it also reminds me of a limitation I have, one that drives me absolutely insane.


Not sure what the graphic has to do with anything, but it sure does look cool!

Throughout life, we all gather perspectives. We gather and store them like we do facts. When a situation or discussion arises, we search for that perspective and let it drive our participation in that event. A common problem with this is that people tend to isolate these perspectives and set them in stone. This causes them to be rigid, closed minded, and short sighted, regardless of how factual or “right” they may be.


This ground sure feels weird, doesn’t feel like rock….

A pet peeve of mine is the short sighted part. This is when people are unable to expand their perspective beyond the issue at hand, preventing them from seeing “the big picture”. The illusion there, is that there is nobody alive or dead who has EVER seen the big picture. With so many variables involved, it’s virtually impossible. That being said, it does prevent people from seeing a bigger picture, or more involved perspective.

With so many angles and views to consider, forming an opinion on just about any issue, regardless of complexity, takes a while. Adding the resulting perspective to one’s current repertoire should force them to then re-evaluate all others that could possibly relate to it. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen.


Just like that movie scanners!

Here’s where my limitation comes in. Loaded with so many perspectives on various issues, and so many angles to view and approach life, I want to be able to develop a perspective that encompasses and accounts for all others. A master perspective, if you will. I’ve been able to do very complex ones, but none that encompass all. This drives me fucking nuts.


I never knew this was a popular analogy, I thought I was just really clever….

The easiest way for me to explain this is to relate this to computers. (I know, I’m a fucking geek, deal with it). Computers have 3 major components when related this way. Processor, which is the ability to think through and solve problems (processing information). Hard drive, your stored knowledge. RAM, how much information you can have readily available to be worked on at any given point. For those of you who aren’t technical, think of it like this. You’re a lawyer. You work on paper files. You keep those files in a filing cabinet. The cabinet is your hard drive. You are the processor. The top of your desk is your RAM. The more desk space you have, the more files can be open at once. That being said, I don’t have enough RAM to handle a Master Perspective. While I can keep a number of them in the forefront at any given time, I can’t get anywhere near what I’d need to meet my goal. Just the thought of what I’d need for me to be able to do so boggles my mind.

Still, having a perspective like that would make life and decision making much easier, since all values, morals, priorities, etc., can be taken into account, which would make the choice at hand much simpler.


This is my latest scan.

I’m not sure how, or if, other people can do this, since my views are altered slightly every day, and it’s an insane stream of information to keep up with. In the end, I just feel limited. It’s as if everyone else knows something that I don’t, and I must be a moron for not being able to figure it out after more than 3 decades of life.


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