A parting shot

I’m pretty much done for awhile with discussion and debating people about politics, gun control, and the like. It’s pointless to try and debate with people who don’t even consider my side of discussions and just write me off due to my views or their assumptions about my party affiliations. To be clear, though most of my views fall under what’s considered Libertarian, I wouldn’t consider myself one. I don’t subscribe to any one party’s views. I have my own opinions, and I do exercise my right to change my mind when information is presented to me which proves my current information incorrect. I listen. I fact check. I’m not a blind follower. I “THINK”, which many these days don’t do.


I’m out!!!!!

So with that, I’ll leave you all with the following excerpt from an article I recently read. Read it and really think about it. I found it enlightening and thought provoking, and I hope you do too. Don’t write people off because their opinions differ from yours. Listen to them, check the information, and form your own opinion….and please, please, PLEASE base that opinion on logic on fact, and not bullshit, fear, and propaganda.

At the Student Senate speaking event, the volunteers asked the students a thought-provoking question: Who owns you? Everyone understands that we own the property we’ve worked to acquire, such as our cars, homes, and personal belongings. But who owns YOU?

Do we own ourselves? Or are we the property of those in government? If each individual owns themselves, then we should be free to decide what substances to ingest, regardless of how beneficial or harmful they might be. But if we are the property of government, then they can tell us what we can or cannot consume.

Another question was then posed to the students: What is the system called where some human beings are allowed to own and control other human beings? Without hesitation, they answered “slavery”. If America is truly a free country, free adults must be able make their own choices for their own lives. Legislators in government are just people themselves; they have no legitimate grounds to dictate what is best for other people. Nor do they even know what’s best, as this report should demonstrate.

Libertarians believe that every individual owns themselves. We own our bodies, our minds, and the results of our productive labor. But we also own the consequences of our choices. This is the basic principle of liberty.


Now go rent “V for Vendetta” and get a look at our future.



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2 responses to “A parting shot”

  1. David DeMar says :

    I hear you, buddy. It’s exhausting, keeping this up. Part of why I probably had that massive migraine yesterday and ended up hallucinating about Bronson Pinchot renovating houses in northeastern Pennsylvania.

    I think I’m gonna stick to dick jokes for a while.

    • Mr. Persona Non Grata says :

      Me too bro, It’s actually really bothering me, and it’s probably because I see how our rights are being eroded and most people I’m talking to are completely fine with it. My poor children will never truly know liberty as we did only 15 years ago, nevermind true liberty.

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