Thankfully, I’ll never grow up!

I was trolling through my PS3 last night, looking for a movie or TV show to watch. After getting frustrated over a copy of a movie not having the proper embedded subtitles, making me really wish I understood French, I descended on Netflix with fervor. Nothing was really striking my fancy until I came across a movie/show called Video Game High School. I read the description, and figured it’d be good to entertain my for the half hour that the wife would be working out. To my surprise, I found my self really enjoying it, and watched all 2 hours of it with a smile on my face.


Worn with pride.

The movie itself it relatively straightforward. It’s similar to the movie Sky High. In a world that revolves around video games, a poor kid with some gaming skills gets accepted into the VGHS, the high school for elite gamers. There he fights to conquer the bully and get the girl. The flick isn’t groundbreaking by any stretch, it’s all pretty much standard fare. The cool shit about it is that it’s (obviously) drenched in gaming references and homage. It’s sort of like the teen shows of the late 90’s/early 00’s as far as style and dialogue goes, but somehow works for 30 somethings like me. There were quite a few laughs, numerous “dude, that’s awesome”s, and in the end I was totally happy I chose to watch it.


Fuck Hogwarts, I wanna go here!

Once I got to work today, I looked up this movie, only to find out that it’s actually a web series whose first season was put together end to end, creating a full length movie out of it. They started via a kickstarter fund, which makes it even more awesome, since they could pretty much do what they wanted to without a studio interfering. It looks like they’re working on a season 2 as well. I look forward to watching more of this, as it was absolutely worth my time.

I walked away from this flick feeling pretty content. It reminded me of being a teenager, since I was a VG geek back then and would have LOVED this movie if it’d been released in the 90’s. All in all, good times, and I’d definitely recommend it for gamers and even those who just know a bit about the culture, but aren’t really gamers (read: my wife liked it too).


She gives good geek.

Oh, and the 2 main girls in it are pretty cute also…don’t worry, they’re in their 20’s….I checked….


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