Open facepalm style

I just read an article about how Korean pop star PSY made the copyright nazis at the RIAA look like complete schmucks, and figured I’d share it.

That's right, bitch...pwned!!!

That’s right, bitch…pwned!!!

PSY’s song Gangbang  Gangnam style is a huge hit, and tons of people have been making parodies and remixes. What many people don’t know, is that many of them are asking permission from PSY to do so, and he’s not receiving any royalties from them. This is because he  is apparently ignoring the copyright infringement of the song and video, so anyone can do whatever they want with it. This is going directly against everything the RIAA has been telling people for years, that without copyright enforcement, artists will make no money and receive no credit for their work. But that’s where PSY kicked them in the junk.

Fuck them!

Fuck them!

According to the article, he’s raking in about $8.1 million this year from that song. What I believe happened, is that, either knowingly or unknowingly, he enabled people to blow this up into what is probably the biggest viral phenomenon in the history of the internet. Let’s be honest, this shit is EVERYWHERE! I hear it at weddings, clubs, videos, etc… There are memes out the ass relating to this. My MOM knows about it, for christ’s sake.



Mrs. Stevens, Johnny won't be in school today. He's being arraigned for trading a song with a friend.

Mrs. Stevens, Johnny won’t be in school today. He’s being arraigned for trading a song with a friend.

The money mostly comes from advertising. His video is the most viewed video on youtube, he’s been on numerous TV shows and commercials, and his concerts are almost always jam packed. He basically took a viral earworm song, and let it become the huge “event” that it has become, all by simply not enforcing copyright. Take that, RIAA!!!

BTW, jibjab also lets you put anyone’s face on his in the music video. Give it try, it’s funny as hell!


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