Uneasy Rider

I wasn’t heavily into comics when I was a kid. I didn’t really have the money, and wasn’t a big reader. I ended up getting a little bit into them when I started five fingering during my tween years between 9 and 12. My brother was really into them, though, so I got a basic understanding of who the major players were and what their schticks were. I was drawn to a select few, and oddly enough they all had very similar outlooks. These few were Judge Dredd, The Punisher, and Ghost Rider.

BAMF Extraordinaire!

BAMF Extraordinaire!

Now that I’ve grown up, all three of these have been made into multiple movies. So far, only one did an awesome job, and that was the second Punisher movie, War Zone. The first one was good, but the second one really hit the mark in both being true enough to the source material, and entertaining for those who don’t know it. I haven’t seen the latest Dredd movie, but since I’ve not seen any “glowing” reviews of it, I’m considering the jury out on that one.

Excuse me fellas, pet detective!

Excuse me fellas, pet detective!


I bring all this up because the other night I viewed a travesty to my favorite of these three. I watched Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. The first Ghost Rider film was ok at best. He was bad ass enough, but it didn’t really follow the true story all that well, and Nicholas Cage was a horrible choice for Blaze. In the sequel, this is WAY more apparent. This is probably the worst I’ve ever seen him act, by far, and almost the entire movie was horrible. I did like that they showed more of the war between Blaze and Zarathos, the demon possessing him, but they should’ve really given some back story if they were gonna do that.

Why did I sully the name of this badass motherfucker?!

Why did I sully the name of this badass motherfucker?!

My main issue with it is Cage, though. He’s too old, and not the right kind of actor for this type of role. His delivery, mannerisms, looks, body language,lack of convincing emotion and lack of depth completely ruined this for me. I’m not sure who made this mistake, but they should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

Mr. Cage, your penance stare will be me forcing you to watch your own movies...forever!!!

Mr. Cage, your penance stare will be me forcing you to watch your own movies…forever!!!

I’m just so sick of Hollywood ruining good characters and stories, all for the sake of casting someone with draw at the box office. They wanted an A list name, and they took Cage, regardless of how much he did NOT fit the role. Please, please, please stop ruining these characters….


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