Holiday bonanza!

So today I’ll be offering up my thought on the so-called “war on christmas”, a battle of the political correctness of saying Merry Christmas to someone, as opposed to a generic “Happy Holidays”.

Eat hot mistletoe, motherfucker!

Apparently, most people fall on one of 2 sides of this debate. Either they feel it’s right to be PC and give  HH to people out of respect for whatever religion they are, OR they feel it’s right to say your own greeting and fuck everyone else. Now I can understand where both sides are coming from here, even though I only really adhere to one side in practice. The problem really arises when people get wished a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or something similar, and it doesn’t match their holiday traditions or religion, and they get all pissy about it for some reason. Actually, I’m gonna venture a guess as to what that reason is, and I’m pretty sure I’m hitting close to the mark.

First of all, I’m an atheist who celebrates Christmas, cuz that’s what I grew up with. I’m of the belief that you wish people well during the holiday season based on your own culture, religion, and traditions. Now before you get angry, hear me out. I do so because using a generic statement has less heartfelt meaning than one you actually believe in. If a devout Jew wished me a Happy Hanukkah, it’d come off as much more sincere and meaningful to me than if they just wished me a Happy Holidays. There’s more meaning behind it. Besides, who the hell am I to demand that people take a step away from their traditions while paying me a kindness? I’ll wish you a Merry Christmas because that’s the tradition I grew up with, and it comes from my heart, much more so than some stupid ass PC greeting designed to make whiny self-entitled individualists happy. Sometimes I’ll wish someone a Happy Hanukkah if I know they’re Jewish, mostly just to avoid an argument, but it doesn’t have the same emotion behind it, regardless of how I may try.

Preach on, ya creepy little bastard!

Now then, back to the good stuff. The whole PC craze took off when I was much younger, and even then I never understood it. It’s ok to call someone white but not black or brown. It’s ok to exclusively call oriental people asians, even though Indian’s are asian and make up close to half the asian population. Personally, I don’t use terms like African-American or the like, unless you tell me that you have citizenship in both countries. You’re an American, jackass. If you’re black, you’re black. If you’re white, you’re white. Being descriptive isn’t the same as being racist. Unfortunately, people started pushing this because we should all be sensitive or some shit, and it got blown waaaaay out of proportion.

Actually, no…no you don’t.

So you have the PC portion of it. There is also the self entitlement portion as well. This is when people feel that others should always be mindful of their own feelings and sensitivities, which ties into the whole PC thing. The reason I separate this, is that many people don’t act that way because they’re honestly offended or hurt, but more because of some stupid ass agenda they have. The unfortunate part of this, is that many of them are Atheists like me. They get all uppity thinking that people are pushing their religious traditions and ideas on them and their families, where they’re clearly unwanted. These people need to see an arborist/proctologist for branch removal.

The inspiration for this post.

What I think everyone is missing here, is that making this an issue that requires a generic PC response, is only sullying the entire meaning behind it. It’s creating tension is an otherwise cheerful season, aside from the black friday tramplings where you wait on line in the freezing cold for 8 hours to get a TV and have flashbacks to that WHO concert…. This is a time to BE nice to each other, not ACT nice to each other. If you don’t believe in doing so, then you’re a miserable asshole and could probably use a hug or something. Don’t ruin a nice sentiment, which is only intended as a well wish, by taking the meaning behind it. Don’t ruin the spirit of the holidays for kids who are growing up with this ridiculous turmoil. They don’t understand what the big deal is, and there’s a reason for that. Most of them don’t understand being mad at someone for a compliment.

We have free speech, ladies and gents. Statements like these are not hate speech or derogatory in any way. They aren’t meant to insult anyone. Nobody argues with me, finds out I’m an atheist, and then vehemently wishes me a festive kwanza!!! Don’t blame your lack on confident social interaction skills on others. There is no issue here, deal with it.


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  1. Jackie R. says :

    Merry Crismakwanzika!

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