Pressed for time

So I was on my way home the other day, blasting music and just thinking about life in general. It was then that I came across an idea that may just have some relevance to some people out there, because it certainly rang true with me. This may be something that everyone knows, and I’m just a dumbass who had to wait 34 for it to congeal into the concept it is right now. Truth be told, I’ve been aware of it for a long time, but never actually put any thought into exploring it. So here goes.

I was thinking about how unhappy many people I know are. So many people act all upbeat and funny, but when you get down to it, they’re miserable about some shit, or a many shits. Even I suffer from this at certain times, and when I look at it in perspective, it’s fucking ridiculous. Granted, we base our emotional homeostasis as a reference to our surroundings, so it’s not really that surprising, I guess. Here’s what I’m getting at.

A good friend of mine brought up a very interesting point a few weeks ago during a conversation. He said that people these days live like kings, and have no concept of it. Many years ago, common people didn’t have access to all of the different foods, books, entertainment, and amenities that we all currently enjoy as commonplace.

We eat like kings, having whatever food we so desire at our fingertips. We have access to virtually any books we could possibly want to read, and via the internet, virtually any knowledge we want to acquire. We have access to music, plays, movies, shows, museums, zoos, and all other types of  entertainment daily, many from the comfort of our own homes. We have central heating, air conditioning, hot water, soaps, medicines, hospitals, etc….

A few hundred years ago, the only people who had such access to these things were the nobility, and even they had trouble getting some things that we take for granted. People back then also had much less to do in life. There were no amusement parks, no skydiving, no race car driving, no rock stars or movie stars. Most people just aspired to have a profession and make enough to survive on. Those who aspired to be more, traveled and gained access to books and knowledge to become learned or scholarly men.

Nowadays, though, people seem to be in a big rush to do everything they possibly can during their lifetime. Travel the world, try every food, fulfill every dream or desire. People live fuller lives these days than any of their predecessors have, and they seem to feel emptier inside. I think that people have it wrong these days. To me, it’s not about doing everything you’ve ever wanted. Doing things just to do them, or to say you did them, is meaningless. I felt more joy fixing up things in my home or really getting to know somebody than I did by getting the latest and greatest TV, or that new gadget or toy I wanted.

We all seem to be hell bent on buying stuff and surrounding ourselves with these things that we think define us. Why? I used to do this to an extent. I bought things to put in my room or apt or house because I thought they were cool, and wanted people who came over to thing I was cool by the stuff I surrounded myself with. Eventually I realized that I really don’t give a shit. All it does is make it a nightmare for my kids to sort through and dispose of all my pointless shit once I finally die. Granted, this part isn’t exactly new, since people have always established themselves socially but what they owned, but it doesn’t make it any less retarded.

We let stupid shit get to us, petty little things, like the lack of certain features in our phones or televisions. We then watch movies about kings and princes who bitch about petty things, throw tantrums, and want it NOW. We mock them for how ridiculous they’re being, and do EXACTLY the same damn thing about meaningless shit in our own lives. We have no perspective of the world around us, and what is exactly going on in the world. We have the ability, folks. We need the right direction. I can honestly say, since I stopped caring about such things, and stopped letting the petty little nuances get to me, I’ve been much happier and have been living a much fuller life.

We feel pressed for time, like we don’t have enough time to do all we want in life. All I’m saying is that thinking that way may not be the key to living a full and happy life. Just consider it.

Now if you’re still reading this crap, my hat’s off to you. I didn’t even bother proofreading this shit, since it’s waaaaaay too long. If I rambled too much, jumped around too much, or was way off in my statements…..then tough shit. This is MY blog, damnit! muahahahahahhha!!!! Anyways, this is just how I see it, so there! :p


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