Wanted for theft

A good friend of mine, who is actually the reason I started blogging, wrote a post today about something that really gets my panties in a bunch. Now I normally don’t rip off posts from other people, so I’m just gonna sum up his post quick and get to the point I wanna add to it. Please read his post first for the proper context, and do yourself a favor and subscribe to his blog. It’s well worth the read.

To briefly sum up, Julian Assange and Wikileaks have now been deemed “enemies of the state” by our government, due to them hosting leaked confidential information which was supplied by a member of our military. Incidentally, that gent has been in jail for over 2 years without his due process, but that’s a whole other diatribe and I’m trying to keep this relatively short.

Many people stick their heads in the sand when they hear shit like this, choosing to either write it off or just turn away and forget it happened, rather than take it for what it is and do something about it. The problem, as I see it, is this. People don’t want to believe it because they are afraid. Believing such things means that the world isn’t as great a place as they delude themselves into believing it is, and this country is on the fast track to the shitter lickety split. The vast majority would much rather tend to their illusions, building up walls in their lives made of their personal drama, pop culture, and consumerism. The walls build up higher and higher, until they can barely see the rotting world on the other side, choosing instead to think about their next vacation, or who will win the superbowl, or what they want for Christmas. Don’t kid yourselves folks, we ALL do it, including me.

The real problem comes when those who completely delude themselves, to the point where logical thought is superseded by the conviction of being completely convinced that their illusions are the truth of the world, won’t believe the truth of what lay beyond their walls. Many people, instead, will scoff at those who really know what is happening in the world, writing them off as conspiracy theorists or enemies of the state. Make no mistake about it people, this country is NOT doing well. We’re a country of war mongering politicians and corporations, bent on owning, or at least controlling, the world. We’re a modern day version of ancient Rome, conquering the world through violence and force rather than inspiration and leading by good example, with a population of coddled deluded citizens who actually believe that we’re doing the right thing because they’re either too stupid to do some research and realize the truth, or too scared to believe that their own government would do anything like that to them or to others.

If you believe in a greater power, pray for us. Even if you don’t, though, spread the word and make people aware. You don’t need to fight or take direct action. The more people who are aware, the more power the people have. After all, to conquer a nation, you must first disarm its people, and our greatest weapon is our mind. Use it.


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4 responses to “Wanted for theft”

  1. Annette says :

    I have been wanting to read about the fall of Rome…or at the very least, read the story of the tower of Babble….because “History repeating” and all…we have been on an express train to an Evil Empire station via Fascist Railways. I think we are also at that age and place in life (I’ll speak for “us” here, since I know we’re in the same age bracket) where these things matter MORE than ever before…because we see our children and we can see a glimpse of the world that is being laid out for them and holy crap does it suck. I’ve had those moments…and they are closer together these days…of looking for a French lesson and studding Canadian law and history…just in case…
    I agree with you entirely on this matter…and I don’t know if it’s true, but It FEELS like more people are at least TRYING to educate themselves on things in their lives in general these days…though then again, there is this overwhelming sense of mass ignorance at the same time.
    Perhaps, a more polarized situation…half the nation will be very informed and the other half…not so much…

    • Mr. Persona Non Grata says :

      Definitely read about the fall of Rome. It will give you chills when you see how similar it is to right now. The main difference, is that it’s also interspersed with a police state seizure of power and reduction of personal liberty and freedom.

  2. David DeMar says :

    Thanks for the plug, man! It’s too bad it’s in such a horrible context. I really do worry quite a bit about the direction the US seems to be taking away from “Democratic Republic” and closer to “sacked by the Visigoths.”

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