The possibilities are sickening

Recently, I was sitting home alone, bored. Calm down, this doesn’t go into wok-a-chicka wok-a-chica territory. I had planned on just chilling out and re-playing Final Fantasy 7 for the eleventy billionth time, but figured I’d throw on a movie while I ate my dinner and relaxed a bit. I have a list of flicks on my PS3 that I haven’t gotten around to watching, so I put one on at random. All I have to say is, holy fuck, that was some messed up shit!

The movie I watched was Contagion, a thriller about a new disease that causes a pandemic. It follows various unrelated characters throughout the film. Overall, the movie was very well done. If you watched the trailer for this and thought it was going to be just like “Outbreak”, think again. This movie is way more gritty and fucked up. The science wasn’t ridiculous, the acting was solid, and the drama was engaging. Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburn, Kate Winslet, and others really come together and deliver with expert precision. However, this isn’t the kind of movie you watch over and over again. This is one of those “once is enough” movies, and I’ll explain why I say that.

First and foremost, I probably shouldn’t have watched this while still recovering from being sick. Thankfully, I didn’t watch this last week, or I’d have been a fucking basket case. Another reason is because early in the movie, a kid dies of the disease. Truth be told, millions of kids die from it throughout the movie, but in the beginning it’s highlighted. Having kids makes shit like this really hit home. If something like this happened to one of mine, I doubt I’d be able to handle it with any sort of rational response.

An overhead view of the famous Cabbage Patch Kid riots of the 1980’s

The paranoia of it hitting my home aside, the really fucked up part of this whole experience is the portrayal of society’s reaction. Public places being on lockdown, people getting incredibly paranoid, violence, looting, murder, etc all factor into the equation, and lead to society instantly devolving. For example, at one point in the movie they close off an entire state for quarantine, with a main character inside. That person goes back home, and one night hears this popping sound. He looks out his window to see that people had broken into his neighbor’s house and shot them, just so they could take their food and supplies.

This is a true portrayal of how our supposedly enlightened society devolves instantly once the illusion we live in is broken. Most people don’t realize that we teeter on the edge every day, and how close we are to seeing the man behind the curtain. We desperately hold onto our illusions of safety and peace, while railing against one supposed injustice or another. Day in and day out, we blind ourselves to the truth of our existence, and refuse to look down the barrel of true perspective to see how fleeting and fragile our lives and realities are. Don’t get me wrong, as a whole I believe we NEED these illusions in order to maintain sanity. If someone kept this shit in perspective daily, they’d end up bat shit crazy….like me.

Anyways, I’ve posted about this shit before, so I’ll not bore you all constantly with my rants on this subject. The movie was excellent, but don’t watch it if reality checks get to you. Also, if you do watch it and think it could or would never happen, think again. Believing it can’t happen to you will only make you unprepared and more likely to be a victim when it actually does.


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One response to “The possibilities are sickening”

  1. Jackie R. says :

    Been debating watching this one. I both love and hate these kinds of things.

    I really want to think that humans can rise above their base animal instincts and come together rather than killing each other for resources, but I’m prepared to be wrong.

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