Can’t you see I’m busy ignoring you?

I will preface this rant with the following statement: I am normally a very social person, and don’t really have issues with interacting with others. Believe it or not, I actually do have social skills, something many in my field (IT) do not seem to have. As such, certain cues during interpersonal interactions go WAY over the heads of many people, and it occasionally irritates the fuck out of me. The worst of these I will rant about here.

When I want to talk to you, I will look at you…

Here’s the scenario. We’re talking about shit. We’re facing each other, and it’s obvious by our body language and speech patterns that we’re engaged in conversation. Then, at some point, I’ll give the cues in my speech that I’m done with the conversation and need to get back to work. I’ll turn away. I’ll put my headphones on. This should make it obvious that I’m going back to work, and am thus no longer interested in continuing the conversation. You then look at me and say something else to me, something I obviously can’t hear, forcing me to remove my headphones and ask what you said. I answer your question, without looking at you, and put my headphones back on. You continue the conversation as if I was still engaged. This is the point where I get really irritated and typically just fucking ignore you, because you’re obviously a rude prick who needs to be ignored.

No really, I know you’re there and talking, now fuck off…

Another example would be if someone walked over, saw me watching a youtube video with my headphones on, and just started talking to me as if I wasn’t actually watching and listening to something. I typically just ignore people who do this also, but sometimes the fuckers will actually tap me on the shoulder and/or wave their hand in front of my face to acknowledge them. This is usually where I get obnoxious and say something like “Oh, I’m sorry, I was obviously not watching or listening to anything, and your inane comment is most likely more important to me than anything else, so please enlighten me with your wisdom and witty commentary. Shockingly enough, sometimes these mongoloids actually think I’m complimenting them. Morons.

Learn some social cues, dumbass!

I’m not sure what happened to people along the way. Maybe it’s just the fact that people interact more through text based mediums these days, and thus don’t understand verbal cues and/or body language. Perhaps some never understood it. Well, I’m now taking it upon myself to educate people. Whenever someone does the above, I explain to them that this is what people do when they are done talking to them, so take the hint. If you take offense, so be it. After all, why should I be the only one who ends up irritated by the interaction?!

Honestly, here’s the link, educate yourself!




Anyways, had to vent. Perhaps next time I’ll review something, or write about something existential or meaningful. For now, though, I’m just too fucking irritated. YAY!


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