Shooting the social smack

Hello, my name is *****, and I’m an addict. I wasn’t always like this, but lately it’s gotten much worse.

we NEEDS it!!!

While I’m at work, I always have Facebook open. I post many times a day, drop shitloads of ‘likes’ and comments, and I’m always looking for that number in the tab to show new notifications while I’m doing something else.



I even go so far as to refresh the page every so often if I haven’t seen a notification in awhile, since sometimes FB shits itself and doesn’t display new updates automatically. The madness has to stop, but when I really thought about it, it’s not Facebook that is addicting in and of itself. Instead, it’s all about what is missing.


Just one more fix before lunch….

My last job, working in NYC for a consulting company, had me walking all over midtown most of the time. The rest of that time was spent in our HQ, where I’d just hang out and bullshit with other field guys. I didn’t spend a lot of time on Facebook while at that job, and didn’t really miss it. Sure, I’d jump on every so often, and mostly on the train, but I wasn’t hitting F5 like a junkie slapping his forearm for a vein, needing that hot injection of social networking to stop myself from shaking like Michael J. Fox in the arctic. Instead, it was much more passive, and settled itself as a kind of afterthought.

At my current job, I spend a good amount of time trolling Facebook. I’m not in the field anymore, I just sit at my desk pretty much all day. It’s basically become an obsession with me, and when I actually thought about it, I saw why. Virtually no social interaction at the workplace, and a much different working environment.

This bitch got it REAL bad!

At my last place, I went to a client to resolve a specific issue on the spot. No waiting, no future deadline that could be procrastinated, just arrive-fix-leave. Now I’m doing tasks that take days to complete, are long and tedious, and have a sizable amount of time while waiting for shit to install or process. I also don’t chat much with other people at work here, since very few people here like the same kinds of things that I do. The result of this extra slack time and lack of personal interaction, is a longing for social interaction and chunks of time throughout the day with virtually nothing to do. This all gives rise to my need to troll Facebook, which is born from a desire to connect with people and a need to break up the monotony of the day.

So what am I to do, now that my company is enforcing a full ban on Facebook at the workplace? Well, chances are, I’ll just be bored to tears or listening to audiobooks or some shit. My real issue here, though, is my elitism. I’m in fucking IT, damn it! I should be able to access whatever the fuck I want to. This is pretty much the first place I’ve worked where IT hasn’t been allowed to access Facebook, and it was enforced. Most places just accept that IT gets away with shit because they’re IT.

That’s right, you won’t have to wait ’til winter…




Now I’m stuck with very little personal interaction during the day, which means keep an eye on this blog!!! Chances are, there’ll be posts coming more frequently, and you’ll all get to enjoy watching as I slowly go fucking insane….


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