Hey freaks, be a sellout for love!

Last night, I watched this movie called Ten Inch Hero, about a group of young people working in a sandwich shop owned by an old hippie. Truth be told, I only found out about it because Jensen Ackles from Supernatural is in it, and he’s friggin hilarious. That being said, it’s pretty much a chick flick, but I enjoyed mostly all of it….except the end.


SO, Jensen’s character is a guy who is what most would consider a freak. Spiked up colored Mohawk, piercings, tattoos, etc… He has it bad for the local hottie, who bangs any hot guy who walks in, but won’t give him the time of day. We’ve all heard this shit before, he’s the good guy who’ll treat her right, but she doesn’t see him because she can’t get past his looks, etc….

At the end of the movie, after a particularly bad relationship, she lets on that she’d be interested in him. He ‘gets’ her by removing his piercings, dying his hair back to black, doing his hair nice, and wearing preppy clothes. He remains that way in the next few scenes that end the flick.

Basically, this movie, and many others that I’ve seen over the years, are saying that a “freak” can be beautiful and accepted if they just clean themselves up and dress like “normal people”. Basically, if how you look is part of how you express yourself or define yourself, you’ll have to give it up to be with someone outside of your “genre”, so to speak.

Seriously, what the fuck kind of statement is that?! As someone who dressed, looked, and acted very similarly to the character in this flick, I find this shit to be insanely insulting and fucked up. Nobody should have to be someone they’re not to be with the person they want to be with. If someone is too wrapped up in their public image to be with someone who expresses themselves differently, just because they may have to endure looks or comments from other people, then screw ’em! Another character in the movie, a girl who was “TV ugly”, which means she wasn’t ugly by normal people standards, but she was uglier than the knockouts in the rest of the flick, ended up with a good looking dude she met online. He saw her for who she was, and had absolutely no problem with the fact that she wasn’t the perfect beauty. She didn’t have to change, but the dude did?!  Come on, people.

Oh, and don’t think it’s just guys that this happens to. There have been even more flicks with girls who start out as the geeky, unattractive outcast and end up being drop dead gorgeous in the end so they can get their dream guy. Christ, just look at Cinderella. She’s a peasant, not worth shit, until she cleans up and brings the prince to attention. Then he’s all about her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that looks aren’t important, they are. Anyone who tells you differently would be lying….and probably ugly. Looks are what attracts us initially, but in many of these cases, these people have seen their eventual love interests before. They only end up with them after the switch is made.

Now I’m well aware that this post is just ranting, and a bit ‘stream of consciousness’, but fuck it! Isn’t that what blogging is for?! These are the reasons I won’t be a pro….unless I sell out, then they’ll all love me!


There was also a great conversation in this about ugly people vs pretty people that really hit home for me. Very true, and very sobering. I tried to find the script somewhere online, but it’s nowhere to be found in the 15 seconds I spent looking. So, I watched the scene again and transcribed it for your enjoyment. It’s worth the read. For background, Piper is the pretty sweet girl-next-door, Tish is the super hot chick, and Jen is the shy “ugly” chick. This is after Jen went to meet someone she met online for the first time, and they’ve never seen each other. Jen saw him, and he was good looking, so she ran out without approaching him whatsoever.

Tish: What I saw, was just a guy looking for the girl of his dreams.

Jen: A guy like that doesn’t dream about a girl like me.

Tish: Is this about how cute he was? I mean, I thought you’d be happy, not to mention pretty damn relieved.

Piper: Besides, you said that looks don’t matter.

Jen: Yeah, that was before I knew he was Brad-fucking-Pitt! There’s no way a guy who looks like that is gonna want me.

Tish: That’s crazy!

Jen: Is it? I mean look at Tad. When he came into the shop, he didn’t exactly B-line to me, did he?

Piper: Yeah, but Tad is a superficial dickhead, everybody knows that. Everyone except Tish….sorry.

Jen: I mean…girls that look like you, don’t understand. Ya know, I always think, like, if I lost 10 lbs or, wore different clothes or, got new boobs that it would make a difference, but I know the truth…

Tish: I’m sorry, but that’s bullshit. You’re the smartest person that I know. I see you helping those homeless guys that no one can even look at. You make everyone around you happy. You have so much to offer, I mean to say you don’t because of how you look…is just bullshit.

Jen: I didn’t say I didn’t have a lot to offer, I said that people will never know because they don’t see me. How many proms did you miss because no one asked you? How many times have your friends left you sitting alone at a club while they went and danced with guys? Or how many times has a customer completely ignored you to get a better look at me? So until that happens…until you’re told time and time again that your place in life is in the background, don’t tell me it’s bullshit…because you don’t know.

Piper: All I saw tonight was a man with eyes full of hope.

Jen: Hope….that would’ve turned to disappointment the second he saw me. Forced smile, polite conversation….god, I couldn’t stand that. Not after all this.


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4 responses to “Hey freaks, be a sellout for love!”

  1. Jackie R. says :

    I agree, and it was a BOO! ending to an otherwise sweet film. (Even Ackles aside, the movie wasn’t bad at all). I thought the scene where the three girls are talking after the “ugly” one bails on the blind date, was so poignant… how the pretty girl just didn’t get it and the “ugly” girl shot her down. Then the pretty girl ends up with the pretty boy and isn’t that just so typical.

    But yeah.. the tampon scene made the whole movie worth it to me.

  2. Jackie R. says :

    Jen’s last two lines are just so fucking true that it actually hurt to listen to. I can’t count how many times I’ve been there.

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