What IS the world coming to?

So two things came across my path recently, and I figured I’d share my misery with everyone. First was the bullshit in North Carolina, where they banned any marriage or union that isn’t a man with a woman. Not only is this banned from occurring there, but if you are in a union or marriage in your current state, and you move to NC, they will not acknowledge your union or marriage unless it’s between a man and a woman.

My whole take on this, as is the take of many others, is that this related back to religion. People want to ban this because it apparently is against their religion, which they feel is what marriage is based upon. Well guess what, if that’s your basis, just don’t let them marry in your church, or through your faith. If they want to be married LEGALLY, that’s a different story. We’re supposed to have a separation of church and state, and it’s because of this that I feel these bans are unconstitutional. I don’t have to adhere to the rules and laws of your religion if I don’t want to. We’re supposed to live in the land of the free, yet here we are, being restricted by religious zealots who want their personal morals and values to be everyone’s.

Wanna start your bible thumping? Go ahead! Tell me how being gay is an abomination according to your religion. Then I’ll tell you that, since I suspect most of you have done some sort of work on the sabbath day, you should all be put to death, per your religion. You can also fight to be allowed to sell your daughters into slavery, as per your religion. Ever curse either of your parents? If so, you should be killed. No mercy. Do you have a flat nose? If so, you cannot go to the altar of god. Stubborn children are to be stoned to death, and the stoning is to be started by their parents.

Basically what I’m getting at is this. If you wanna use an outdated storybook as justification for preventing people who love each other from being married, then others should be able to use it to force you to stone your children to death. The moral of the story is to keep shit in perspective, and if you have a problem with something don’t use an old lesson book as your reasoning. Grow some balls and admit that it just makes you uncomfortable, and stop being a pussy.

The second bit, and the one that really boils me over, is that NY is passing a law stating that viewing child porn on the internet is perfectly legal, so long as you don’t download any of it. This basically means that some sick fuck can sit there and do whatever shit he wants to do while watching kids get molested and sexually assaulted, and it’s perfectly fine. Pictures, videos, whatever. So long as he doesn’t save it to his hard drive, he’s golden.

Now I know some of you are probably thinking that he’d be screwed anyway due to his internet browser caching the data. Well here’s the loophole: cache and temp folders don’t count! This basically means that he technically can download all the kiddie porn he wants, and so long as he saves it to a temp or cache folder, he’s good!

My main question here is this: Why the FUCK did someone feel the need to draft this and make it law?!?! Is this an ongoing crisis?! Are pedophiles getting caught and just claiming that it’s pop-ups on their computers?! GUESS WHAT?! Pop ups are mostly relating to your search habits. Always looking up car parts? You’ll get 11,000 pop ups and ads related to car parts. Always going to deviant porn sites with kids in them? You’ll get kiddie porn pop ups. It’s that simple. I’ve looked up some insane and ridiculous shit online, shit that would make many people vomit, as well as some kinky sex shit as well. Care to guess how many kiddie porn pop-ups I’ve seen? None. Zero. Because I’m not looking for it, not interested in it, it’s not even close to my radar for ‘things I’d like to see’. I’m willing to bet that nobody else I know of, who wasn’t searching for stuff related to kiddie porn, has ever gotten or even seen a kiddie porn pop up. We don’t need this law, we need to stop letting this disgusting fucks go around touching kids, and letting them have free reign to indulge themselves on the internet is not helping…..


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2 responses to “What IS the world coming to?”

  1. davestark77 says :

    You’re right, There are so many laws in the bible and it’s sickening seeing people pick and choose which ones they feel like following. And who gets to choose which bible we follow? I’m jewish guess what in my bible it’s a sin to mix meat and dairy or eat “unclean animals” Do i get to demand that someone be arrested because they are eating bacon?

    I’m fine with not forcing churches/synagouges to offer gay weddings but there are plenty of other ways that straight people can get married and those should be allowed for all adults regardless of sexual orientation.

    And on the second topic How can anyone claim that as long as it’s not downloaded it’s fine. Is bookmarking a site ok? no downloading there. What about saving something directly to a cloud based site like dropbox? again not on a harddrive. There should be no punishment to cruel and unusual for people that make, distribute and watch that.

    • Mr. Persona Non Grata says :

      Exactly! I have no problem with people of a certain faith not accommodating those who they do not welcome, but it has no place in state law, or any law, of a “free nation”.

      As for the other sickos, they can’t save to cloud storage, since that’d be against the service’s ToS. Apart from that, kid touchers should be tortured to death, IMHO. I wasn’t quite as vehement about it before I had kids, but now, if someone did that to one of my kids, they’d end up in pieces…..

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