I’d like to thank the academy…

His high exaltedness, the great David Demar, has decreed that I’ve been nominated for the Kreative Blogger Award. I can honestly say that I had no idea what that meant, but seeing as how it’s an “award”, and one related to writing, I’m pretty sure I’m not qualified for it. I’m incredibly honored to be nominated, especially by such an excellent writer, both in fiction and blog formats.

Anyways, I’ve since looked up this award, and found that it’s the equivalent to one of the Facebook chain-letter-style posts where you write something about yourself, and forward it to X friends to do the same. Now I must admit that I am occasionally prone to following along with those, so this is no problem with me.

The payment for forwarding this on is to post 7 little known truths about myself, and then must name 7 fellow bloggers in an attempt at passing this along. The problem is this: I don’t know 7 bloggers. I know Dave, and….uh…Dave….yeah, that’s about it.

Truth be told, I started blogging because I was inspired by Dave’s posts and thought it’d be a good way to put my thoughts down somewhere so I could flesh out some of my ideas. I’d write stuff locally on my computer, but would always either misplace or delete them because I needed space for the latest horror movie I needed to download.

Anyways, I’m beating around the bush here, so let’s get to it. Instead of nominating bloggers, since I know none, I’ll add a truth to the list. So here it is, 8 things most people don’t know about me, fresh off the top of my head.

  1. I love oldies music. I grew up listening to my mom’s music in the car and around the house, so I love the music from the 50’s, 60’s, and some 70’s. Even Elton John, which seems to come as a shock to many people, considering my other tastes. I also LOVE Roy Orbison, just not enough to get his face tattooed on my ass…
  2. I absolutely hate the Doors, the Stones, Billy Joel, and the Beatles. While I can tolerate it to an extent, it grates on me. Now I know that those who’ve known me awhile already know this, it’s typically not common knowledge until someone gets to know me.
  3. I like chick flicks, enough that I’d watch them on my own. I’m a sucker for love stories, the reason for which I’ll not get into here. But yeah, if I didn’t already know the story of it, I’d have no problem watching The Notebook by myself, and would probably enjoy it. Oh, and I’m not at all ashamed of this fact.
  4. My greatest fear is the end of my consciousness. This would mean no heaven, no afterlife, no reincarnation, just void and nothingness. You can read a bit more here.
  5. I always seem to think of or picture horrible things happening to me or to others. I could be riding in someone’s car, and out of nowhere would imagine what it would be like if I unbuckled myself I jumped out of the moving vehicle. The pain, the reaction of others, etc… would be pictured in vivid detail, complete with emotions and everything. It’s kinda disturbing, when I really think about it, but doesn’t bother me too much, which is odd.
  6. I occasionally suffer from panic/anxiety attacks. I was really bad a few years ago, when I first got diagnosed with GED. I had to be on medication, which I hated more than anything else. I’m ok now, and off all the meds, but on the rare occasion that something really crazy happens, I get a little twitchy.
  7. While I’m normally not really afraid of anything, at least not in the phobia sense, I do have one small phobia. Drowning. Some people know this, but what they don’t know is why I have it. When I was 5 or 6, I was at a friend’s house. We were swimming in his pool. He was a good swimmer, and I didn’t really know how to swim. I didn’t wanna look like I couldn’t do it, though, so I jumped into the deep end….and drowned. His father apparently dove in, pulled me out, and gave me CPR until I started breathing again. I remember how it felt, and have dreamt of drowning ever since. It only really effected me badly when I went snorkeling in Bermuda a few years back, when I almost had a panic attack because I didn’t feel I could get enough air and would drown. It took me a little bit to get over that, and eventually I had an enjoyable time.
  8. I’m an empath of sorts. Not in the new age, fortune teller variety. I just seem to be able to put myself in someone else’s emotional state and feel more or less what they would feel. By doing so, it’s very easy for me to understand where someone is coming from during a conversation or argument, and how best to relate to them. If it’s a serious, heartfelt talk, I’m told that I’m a good person to talk to, and I seem to make people feel somewhat better by talking to them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go pat myself on the back….

Well, there you have it. I know what you may be thinking, that these things range from pretty innocuous to disturbingly personal, but that’s me I guess. Hopefully I won’t scare off too many followers because of this post.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, check out Mr Demar’s blog. It’s definitely entertaining, and his fiction work is good as well. For $.99, how could you go wrong? I only wish I had more time to learn how to write better…. #shamelessplug


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7 responses to “I’d like to thank the academy…”

  1. David DeMar says :

    You had me at “on sale for $0.99.”

  2. Jackie R. says :

    I feel like I was being baited into giving you shit for liking chick flicks. As much as I want to give you shit for something, I can’t say anything about that one. While I don’t like chick-flick-romance-dramas, I am a sucker for the Romantic Comedy. 100%.

    • Mr. Persona Non Grata says :

      You’re allowed, you’re a chick, hence the term ‘chick flick’. For a guy, especially one as incredibly manly as I, it’s often viewed with disdain. However, I don’t give a shit. I’m a sappy fuck, what of it?! Besides, it’s like taking a class in women’s studies.

      • Jackie R. says :

        No it isn’t. Women’s studies classes hate those movies. A lot. I just took Women’s Studies last semester. They would have collectively strung you up by your nutsack.

      • Mr. Persona Non Grata says :

        I didn’t say militant women’s studies….besides, chicks who get like that about these movies just try to deny that part of themselves. They still enjoy the love story, they just get uppity about stereotypes.

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