Should I ban ice cream, or be a parent….hmmmmm

I came across an article today that actually shocked me for a moment. A coworker of mine sent me a link to the New York Post article about parents in Brooklyn wanting to ban ice cream vendors….yes, you read that correctly, Ice Cream Vendors!!!!

Apparently, the parents in Brooklyn don’t like having to tell their children NO when they ask for Ice Cream from the Ice Cream man, since it causes tantrums and they can’t deal with that. Instead, they are seeking to ban these vendors from their areas.

One woman actually said this:

“I should not have to fight with my children every warm day on the playground just so someone can make a living!”

So, basically, if you have a legitimate business and are making a living at it, you lose your right to do it in this town because people don’t want to be parents. Are you fucking kidding me? If this was said when I was growing up, these parents would be looked at with obvious disdain. If you can’t discipline a child, don’t have one. That’s what my parents would say, and they’re right. But these days, it’s all about not wanting little Jimmy to ever be upset at anything, never experience losing at something or not being good at something, and letting him believe he’ll succeed at absolutely anything he tries. In reality, this is called fantasy.

If you can’t tell your kids NO, then I’ve got some news for you, you’re losing the battle. Being a parent is about preparing your child for the real world. If they don’t get used to hearing NO as an answer to what the “id” wants, then they’re not going to be prepared and will have a much more difficult time later in life. Children need realism, and appeasing them like WWII dictators isn’t going to teach them anything good.

While I’m sure I’ll get plenty of shit for some of what I’m saying in this post, please understand that this is howI see things. Everyone has a different parenting style. My parents appeased me to a point, and it made me a nightmare when I got older. I’ll not make the same mistakes. Structure and rules are important, and I believe they make good kids in the end. Making it a free-for-all where kids can do what they want with few repercussions from parents, simply because they “don’t wanna deal with the tantrums”, will only breed one thing….tyrants.

*no children were given ice cream during the writing of this post….


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5 responses to “Should I ban ice cream, or be a parent….hmmmmm”

  1. David DeMar says :

    Why am I not surprised that the article appeared in the Post? It’s like the Muggle version of the Quibbler.

  2. Tommy says :

    Agree 100%, even though I have no right to comment as someone who will never be a parent. I agree on the basis that as a child, I was told NO when I wasn’t allowed something and if I threw a tantrum I was “handled”. Parents today want the world to stop what they are doing because they can’t be bothered being REAL parents. What about little Billy or Sally who is allowed to have ice cream? They should be denied this because some pussy parents won’t discipline their children? Fuck that. I remember plenty of occasions that I wasn’t allowed to have Mr. Softee when my friends were, and if I acted out on that I was punished, period.

  3. Jackie R. says :

    My kids hear “no” so often that they’re probably going to all turn into maladjusted sociopaths. That’s how that works right?

    • Mr. Persona Non Grata says :

      Considering that they seem to be content and have a good time, at least when I see them, I’ll have to say their ok. Sean gets his share of NO, and is never pleased with it, but such is life….

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