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Upstate NY Public School Bans Use Of The Word FREEDOM


Upstate NY Public School Bans Use Of The Word FREEDOM.

Students of the 8th grade at Spry Middle School  in Webster NY were banned from using the word freedom and from wearing shirts bearing the word freedom at a school rally on march 4th , 2011 . Several weeks earlier students began organizing a protest campaign planning to shout the word ” freedom ” and wear shirts with the word freedom written across the front  at the upcoming rally. The protest was in support of a classmate who was suspended , arrested , and put on trial in town court for having a small amount of marijuana . Just minutes before the rally , principal Dave Swinson took the entire 8th grade class aside and threatened them by saying anyone who says ” free , freedom , free Paul , or rasta ” or wears the t-shirts with freedom written across the front , will be removed from the rally , suspended , and face ” further consequences “. Not to be defeated , the students wore the shirts anyway . They also planned a suprise for the rally . As each class was introduced , there was yelling and screaming , each class trying to out-shout the other . When it came time for the 8th grade the principal made the introduction , everyone awaited the loudest screams of all and ……TOTAL SILENCE ! With a ” silent freedom scream ” these adult-minded children showed child-like adults the failure of prohibition , the power of protest and the meaning of freedom . A week and a half later on March 15 units of the Webster police and the Monroe County sheriffs office entered Spry middle school , a “gun free zone ” , heavily armed with batons , tasers , and loaded  handguns . There was no 911 call . There was no complaint . Students were held hostage , forced to remain in one place for almost an hour . Three german shepard police dogs were circulated throughout the hallways , barking aggressively and scaring the children in the classrooms , according to eyewitnesses . Several students were taken away for interrogation and physically searched by adults not related to them . No arrests were made . In a follow-up email principal Swinson  told parents of the traumatized children : ” the drill went very well , as we expected . “

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I’d like to thank the academy…

His high exaltedness, the great David Demar, has decreed that I’ve been nominated for the Kreative Blogger Award. I can honestly say that I had no idea what that meant, but seeing as how it’s an “award”, and one related to writing, I’m pretty sure I’m not qualified for it. I’m incredibly honored to be nominated, especially by such an excellent writer, both in fiction and blog formats.

Anyways, I’ve since looked up this award, and found that it’s the equivalent to one of the Facebook chain-letter-style posts where you write something about yourself, and forward it to X friends to do the same. Now I must admit that I am occasionally prone to following along with those, so this is no problem with me.

The payment for forwarding this on is to post 7 little known truths about myself, and then must name 7 fellow bloggers in an attempt at passing this along. The problem is this: I don’t know 7 bloggers. I know Dave, and….uh…Dave….yeah, that’s about it.

Truth be told, I started blogging because I was inspired by Dave’s posts and thought it’d be a good way to put my thoughts down somewhere so I could flesh out some of my ideas. I’d write stuff locally on my computer, but would always either misplace or delete them because I needed space for the latest horror movie I needed to download.

Anyways, I’m beating around the bush here, so let’s get to it. Instead of nominating bloggers, since I know none, I’ll add a truth to the list. So here it is, 8 things most people don’t know about me, fresh off the top of my head.

  1. I love oldies music. I grew up listening to my mom’s music in the car and around the house, so I love the music from the 50’s, 60’s, and some 70’s. Even Elton John, which seems to come as a shock to many people, considering my other tastes. I also LOVE Roy Orbison, just not enough to get his face tattooed on my ass…
  2. I absolutely hate the Doors, the Stones, Billy Joel, and the Beatles. While I can tolerate it to an extent, it grates on me. Now I know that those who’ve known me awhile already know this, it’s typically not common knowledge until someone gets to know me.
  3. I like chick flicks, enough that I’d watch them on my own. I’m a sucker for love stories, the reason for which I’ll not get into here. But yeah, if I didn’t already know the story of it, I’d have no problem watching The Notebook by myself, and would probably enjoy it. Oh, and I’m not at all ashamed of this fact.
  4. My greatest fear is the end of my consciousness. This would mean no heaven, no afterlife, no reincarnation, just void and nothingness. You can read a bit more here.
  5. I always seem to think of or picture horrible things happening to me or to others. I could be riding in someone’s car, and out of nowhere would imagine what it would be like if I unbuckled myself I jumped out of the moving vehicle. The pain, the reaction of others, etc… would be pictured in vivid detail, complete with emotions and everything. It’s kinda disturbing, when I really think about it, but doesn’t bother me too much, which is odd.
  6. I occasionally suffer from panic/anxiety attacks. I was really bad a few years ago, when I first got diagnosed with GED. I had to be on medication, which I hated more than anything else. I’m ok now, and off all the meds, but on the rare occasion that something really crazy happens, I get a little twitchy.
  7. While I’m normally not really afraid of anything, at least not in the phobia sense, I do have one small phobia. Drowning. Some people know this, but what they don’t know is why I have it. When I was 5 or 6, I was at a friend’s house. We were swimming in his pool. He was a good swimmer, and I didn’t really know how to swim. I didn’t wanna look like I couldn’t do it, though, so I jumped into the deep end….and drowned. His father apparently dove in, pulled me out, and gave me CPR until I started breathing again. I remember how it felt, and have dreamt of drowning ever since. It only really effected me badly when I went snorkeling in Bermuda a few years back, when I almost had a panic attack because I didn’t feel I could get enough air and would drown. It took me a little bit to get over that, and eventually I had an enjoyable time.
  8. I’m an empath of sorts. Not in the new age, fortune teller variety. I just seem to be able to put myself in someone else’s emotional state and feel more or less what they would feel. By doing so, it’s very easy for me to understand where someone is coming from during a conversation or argument, and how best to relate to them. If it’s a serious, heartfelt talk, I’m told that I’m a good person to talk to, and I seem to make people feel somewhat better by talking to them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go pat myself on the back….

Well, there you have it. I know what you may be thinking, that these things range from pretty innocuous to disturbingly personal, but that’s me I guess. Hopefully I won’t scare off too many followers because of this post.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, check out Mr Demar’s blog. It’s definitely entertaining, and his fiction work is good as well. For $.99, how could you go wrong? I only wish I had more time to learn how to write better…. #shamelessplug

Should I ban ice cream, or be a parent….hmmmmm

I came across an article today that actually shocked me for a moment. A coworker of mine sent me a link to the New York Post article about parents in Brooklyn wanting to ban ice cream vendors….yes, you read that correctly, Ice Cream Vendors!!!!

Apparently, the parents in Brooklyn don’t like having to tell their children NO when they ask for Ice Cream from the Ice Cream man, since it causes tantrums and they can’t deal with that. Instead, they are seeking to ban these vendors from their areas.

One woman actually said this:

“I should not have to fight with my children every warm day on the playground just so someone can make a living!”

So, basically, if you have a legitimate business and are making a living at it, you lose your right to do it in this town because people don’t want to be parents. Are you fucking kidding me? If this was said when I was growing up, these parents would be looked at with obvious disdain. If you can’t discipline a child, don’t have one. That’s what my parents would say, and they’re right. But these days, it’s all about not wanting little Jimmy to ever be upset at anything, never experience losing at something or not being good at something, and letting him believe he’ll succeed at absolutely anything he tries. In reality, this is called fantasy.

If you can’t tell your kids NO, then I’ve got some news for you, you’re losing the battle. Being a parent is about preparing your child for the real world. If they don’t get used to hearing NO as an answer to what the “id” wants, then they’re not going to be prepared and will have a much more difficult time later in life. Children need realism, and appeasing them like WWII dictators isn’t going to teach them anything good.

While I’m sure I’ll get plenty of shit for some of what I’m saying in this post, please understand that this is howI see things. Everyone has a different parenting style. My parents appeased me to a point, and it made me a nightmare when I got older. I’ll not make the same mistakes. Structure and rules are important, and I believe they make good kids in the end. Making it a free-for-all where kids can do what they want with few repercussions from parents, simply because they “don’t wanna deal with the tantrums”, will only breed one thing….tyrants.

*no children were given ice cream during the writing of this post….


So I was sifting through movie trailers for upcoming films, in an attempt to properly plan my summer, and was reminded of something that makes me a bit irritated…the remaking of classic films.


Please don’t rape a classic….

Lets face it, most of Hollywood ran out of cool shit to make into movies years ago. They prolonged their demise when they FINALLY figured out that comics made into movies is a great idea. Now don’t get me wrong, many of the comic-based movies are awesome, and I’m totally looking forward to the new Avengers flick, which is thankfully sans Uma Thurman.


Seriously, WTF were you thinking?!?!

There are plenty of remakes in the works that I’m really not crazy about. It’s not that they don’t look like decent movies, it’s more about them being remakes of classics that are best left alone on their pedestals. They are remaking Total Recall for one, the Arnold sci-fi flick that kicked the 80’s in the teeth with it’s creepy mutants, gratuitous violence and gore, kick ass action, Sharon Stone in lingerie, and of course….the chick with three boobs!!!

Now they’re remaking it with freaking Colin Farrell of all people. I watched the trailer, embedded below, and it does look cool and the special effects are awesome. Still, I am honor-bound to resist liking it, since it’s a remake of a classic film from my childhood.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t end up liking the movie, especially since I absolutely LOVED the remake of Fright Night with Colin Farrell and the great David Tennant. It just means that I won’t be hyping it up until I see it and confirm it’s worthiness.

Among the remakes that are being talked about: Gremlins, Flight of the Navigator, Jurassic Park, Escape from NY, Drop Dead Fred, The Crow, Evil Dead, the list just goes on and on…

Why oh why must you keep remaking shit over and over?! Granted, there are exceptions such as Fright Night and Batman Begins, but for each of those you end up with a slew of movies like Planet of the Apes (Marky Mark), Halloween, Get Carter, The Fog, and the Pink Panther…

There is a silver lining, though, and that silver lining is made of Sci-fi movies, surprisingly enough. Movies like Pandorum, Super 8, Inception, Cowboys and Aliens (yes, I really liked that movie), Sucker Punch, and Transformers have really kicked ass, while the horizon looms with Prometheus, which I’ve fucking DYING to see!!! It finally comes to light that the “niche” genres are the ones with true innovation.

This innovation isn’t just for special effects, though, it’s finding cool ways to explore a good story alongside wondrous new environments and special effects. Let’s face it, Avatar was supposed to be this great incredible film, and I was not wowed by it at all when I saw it. The story was super generic, the characters were a pile of cookie cutter stereotype protagonists and antagonists, and it was just as predictable as watching Star Wars for the 23,098,470th time. It’s sad that a movie like that was a huge money maker and hype-fest, while others like Pandorum, which was FAR better, fall to the wayside.

Please, Hollywood, leave our classics alone. Reboots of franchises are one thing, like the new Spiderman, but if you try remaking The Princess Bride I’ll drive to each of your houses and poison you with Iocane powder. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch either Battle Royale and Ninja Assassin