FLAME (war) ON!!!!

I’ve been going back and forth with a friend of mine lately over tablets, and it’s a continuation of an age old discussion from a long running war. Of course, I’m referring to the war between Android and Apple. We go back and forth about pros and cons, boons and banes, and we tend to end in a stalemate each time. I also seem to get into it over the whole PS3/360 debate. Now to attempt to avoid being called a fanboy, which I don’t believe I am, I’ll try and sum this up in a post that will hopefully come off as unbiased.

For starters, we’ll go with the Apple vs Android debate. People have extremely strong opinions about which phone or tablet is best, especially techies. No tech seems to want to get caught with the shitty device, because apparently it somehow depicts them as not being technical enough or worthy of elite status in the techie crowd.

What it really comes down to is this: It’s the same discussion as Mac vs Windows.

If you want a device that is simple, functional, and trendy, you’ll be going for an apple product.

If you want a device that is customizable, has more features, is of a different size (iPads/iPhones, at the time of this writing are one size only, physically), you’ll be going for an android product.

To delve deeper, Apple devices have some advantages. They’re generally better on battery life during idle times than many Android phones (except the Razr Maxx). They have a simple interface, which is generally straightforward. Beautiful screens and a huge app store also sweeten the deal, as well as the tons of accessories.Siri.Face time, which is video chat. And, iTunes purchasing with a built in iPod.

Android also has some advantages. True multitasking for applications. A customizable interface. Widgets, which means you can check your email, calendar, and Facebook without opening an application. Better web browsing, and multiple web browsing options. Capability of playing back virtually any video and audio format. SD card support, and finally, the ability to use any application to copy content to and from, along with standard drag and drop capability for files without needing conversion.

So there you have it, the better features of each. There are many nitpicks for both sides, but I’ll only list the top few for each.

Android seems to confuse people more. Let’s face it, people have been using iPods and iPod touches for years now, and the interface is known and simple. Anything outside of pure simplistic seems to be too much these days, which makes me wonder how people used Blackberries and Windows Mobile devices all these years, since they’re at least as confusing as Android. Android phones are typically worse with battery life without being tweaked a bit. Also, Android tablets can be heavier and thicker than iPads, and aren’t based around iTunes for music purchases. This isn’t to say it’s not possible, through amazon or google, just not as known as iTunes and not as populated with apps and content. These devices tend to take more getting used to, and aspects of the interface can be confusing. Also, there isn’t one dedicated software to manage everything on your device from a PC. This leads into the opposing argument.

Apple device means iTunes. iTunes can be buggy and problematic for users. The interface cannot be changed or customized at all. Video and Audio files MUST be converted by iTunes for them to be able to play on the device. Notifications are also a pain on iOS devices since they don’t have a good notification area. You’d have to go to the page with the app icon to see if there are notifications.Apple devices also lack any expansion capabilities. SD cards and flash drives are not supported. You also cannot change the battery without sending your phone in.

Those are the facts, folks. If one appeals to you more, then go for it. My personal feeling is this, which will probably label me as a fanboy but whatever. Apple phones and tablets are sort of like a beginner’s first device. When someone grows out of it and wants more bang for the buck, they go Android. A final wrap up to this is that I firmly believe that both of these should absolutely be on the market. Apple should be there to get anti-technology people to feel more comfortable with tech, and Android should be there for people comfortable with tech who want to get the most out of their devices and the experience.

Now we’ll go for PS3 and Xbox. This should be relatively short. Stereotypically, PS3 users are more geeky, techie kinds of people, where Xbox users are more frat boys and angry 13 year olds. In reality, it’s very similar to the Android and Apple battle. Xbox is the more mainstream experience, while PS3 is a little more versatile. A few pros and cons.

Xbox has TV channel integration for some channels. This adds another level of content that the PS3 doesn’t have. They both have Hulu Plus.

Xbox has very infrequent updates. I think it’s once or twice a year. Playstation sends out updates every few months, which is annoying as fucking hell!

Most Xbox Live Arcade games have a downloadable trial version or demo. This can’t be said for all PSN games, although they have been getting better. Nothing more irritating than not being able to test a game before purchasing, especially when so many Blockbuster Videos have been closing.

Both systems have stuff like Netflix, Hulu, streaming video and audio, and great exclusives.

PS3 has free online play, while Xbox requires a Gold membership which is 50 bucks a year. Not exactly a deal breaker, but still a difference. PS3 does offer a pay service, but that service is for added features like cloud saves, free games (which stay free as long as you’re a subscriber), discounts on content such as games and DLC, and a few other features.

PS3 has a hard drive that can easily be changed for any SATA notebook drive. Xbox forces you to buy their proprietary hard drives, which have little variety in size and MFG.

PS3 can save video and audio to the hard drive over the network. Xbox can only stream video, and you can’t save video files locally. Xbox can rip audio cds locally.

PS3 has video and picture editing software. Xbox does not.

PS3 allows usb hard drives to be connected and used to play video, audio, and view pictures. Xbox somewhat allows this, but limits the size to 16GB.

PS3 has a Blu-Ray drive built in. Xbox does not have a blu-ray drive, internal or external.

PS3 has Playstation Home, which is a 3rd person virtual world online, complete with a quest system, added content, exclusive videos, and tons of mini games. Xbox has nothing like that.

Both systems have online communities containing douchebags and 13 year olds that curse more than Sam Kinison, although many people feel that the 360 community contains many more of them.

Both systems have a motion control system, Xbox with Kinect and PS3 with Move. Both work well enough, but aren’t supported strongly enough right now. Kinect has a few more hot titles, which gives it the advantage.

So as it is, those are the pros and cons. What it really boils down to, in my opinion, is the controller. If you try them both, and you like one over the other much more, then get that system. You’ll spend most of the time with the system with a controller in your hands, so you have to be comfortable. I generally suggest people who are buying for their kids to get a PS3, since it has more great games geared towards kids, like Ratchet and Clank and Little Big Planet.

The other consideration to keep in mind is this. If you are going to get a system so you can game online with your friends, you should get the system they use. There is no cross platform play for online titles.

So that’s pretty much it. These are my feelings on each system and OS, so when I’m bashing one or the other, don’t be so quick to out me as a fanboy. I know the pros and cons, I just have my preference that fits my lifestyle, and just wish people would follow the same. People are too quick to shell out cash for something that isn’t needed just to have it.

-Sent from my Android Smartphone via the Playstation Network.


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10 responses to “FLAME (war) ON!!!!”

  1. David DeMar says :

    You forgot one big issue with the Apple vs. Android debate: Apple products tend to be a little overpriced sometimes. I mean is there really any reason that the newest iPad is $630 for a stripped-down version with Wifi and 4G? I mean I love Apple products, but if I’m dropping more than $500 on a tablet it better be able to do everything. Like play fucking Flash.

  2. Mr. Persona Non Grata says :

    I tried to keep price out of it, since some of the premium Android tablets can be just as expensive as iPads and such. Apple devices are always overpriced, especially their computers.

    Macs are typically twice the price of an equally powered PC, which people end up paying because Apple is basically just a great marketing company. I’m not a fan of their hardware OR software.

    Cat tried having a Mac for awhile, and she totally hated it. So many limitations, and it’s nowhere near as ‘intuitive’ as they claim it is. Also, it doesn’t support many applications and games.

    Just seems silly to spend more money to do less, just because you don’t want the risk of spyware or viruses. I’ve used PCs for a long time now, and can count on one hand how many times I’ve had a virus….and I won’t use many fingers….

    Also, Flash will be phased out eventually anyways, since it can be converted to HTML5. I happen to dig using Flash pages and shit on my tablet, it’s just really fun to play flash games and shit.

  3. Jackie R. says :

    I have Apple products AND a ps3. Am I a nerd or not? I’m not a fanboy of anything. Does it work? Yes. Good.

    Although… Apple makes me money, so I sorta lean that way… Android could make me money too if it wasn’t so hard for developers to get any sort of product out there (too many different platforms).

    And by “me” I mean Kevin… but that really just means me.

  4. Jackie R. says :

    Kacki…khaki…unpleated…oh nevermind lol

  5. Jessica says :

    My opinion? I love Android. I took to the OS like fish to water. I had an ipod touch for a long time, and quickly grew bored with it when I got my first android phone. There was no longer any need to carry both cell phone and ipod with me on outings, because I could listen to music, check my email and Facebook, and do pretty much everything…from my phone. Rob works for Sprint, so I get the chance to toy with a lot of different devices. I didn’t even think about getting the new iphone when it came out, and went with a Samsung Galaxy S2. Rob does a lot of tech support, and aside from the faulty charging ports on the HTC EVO, people had the most problems with the iphone. Anyway, my Galaxy: I have never been so in love with a phone. I also have a Galaxy tab, and it is smaller than an ipad, works very well with few glitches, and is part of my cell phone plan, so it is useable anywhere, if I have wifi or not. It also only cost me $200! So yeah, I am an android fan.

    • Mr. Persona Non Grata says :

      You are basically the perfect example of my point. You used an iPod until you grew bored with it and went Android for a deeper experience. The S2 is a sick phone, with an incredible screen. BTW, which Galaxy did you get, the old or the new? If it’s the one that came with Honeycomb, I freaking LOVE that tablet. That’s the one I’d like to upgrade to when the time comes…

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