“To Infinity……yeah that pretty much covers it…”

I came across some videos yesterday from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, one relating to the shutdown of NASA and one containing the most astounding fact as he sees it. These are definitely worth checking out.

The first video, embedded above, relates back to a previous post of mine. He has a slightly different, and rather profound, outlook on life and the universe. It honestly moved me, and resonated in my core. Statements like this seem to be passed over by most people, who choose to not think of such things, as if it’ll make them depressed at best, and break their sanity at worst. I personally believe that after the initial fear of that, the effects such things have are life altering…in a good way.

The second video, embedded below, is about the underfunding of the NASA program over the years, and the dreams that have been cast to the wayside as a result of it being shut down. I, for one, was incredibly saddened by the end of NASA. It had a HUGE impact on me as a child.

When I was younger, I (of course) wanted to be an Astronaut. I loved everything to do with space and the universe. I was a member of Young Astronauts, and watched the movie Space Camp dozens of times. My friend around the block and I would then re-enact the movie (mostly just the piloting and space stuff), using his parent’s bed and his Atari 2600 as the space shuttle and controls. I knew so much about NASA and the space program, and I still look at it with fondness and wonder. I ended up abandoning that dream due to my inability to keep up with the work and my lack of Einstein genius.

Now, my son appears to be following in my footsteps, so to speak. He’s in love with all things space related, and I had virtually no part in that. It’s just something that appeals to him innately. What makes me even more sad than the space program ending, is the fact that my son will never know the wonder and joy that it inspired. The dreams and imagination it encouraged. I’ll do my best to show him what I can, but without a destination or goal, like going to space camp, I fear it may just fade away. Still, I’ll continue to dream that one day it’ll come back, and he’ll get the same amount of good from it as I did, if it still appeals to him…


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One response to ““To Infinity……yeah that pretty much covers it…””

  1. David DeMar says :

    Oh God, that Space Camp movie is responsible for so many shattered dreams. I loved watching that thing over and over too.

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