Once you go dark, you never….shit, wrong adjective…


So I’m almost done playing throughThe Darkness II on PS3, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. The first game was very different from this one, and I loved it. I was a little apprehensive at first with this sequel, because it’s a much different style and feel, but it absolutely worked!

I played the first Darkness game because I checked out the demo, and it seemed pretty awesome. Sort of a mash up between gangster badass and evil tentacle hentai monster, so who would pass that up?!


Throw in some sexy Cat Slave Girls, and we got ourselves a party!

Then I played it. I thought the idea and the story was excellent, as was the art design. The environments were great, the music was good, and the voice acting was superb. I really got into the story, and the gameplay was good enough to make it an awesome experience. I even hunted around for all the phone numbers and listened to the crazy messages you get when you called them from a pay phone. I seldom do side quests in action or FPS games, so this was unusual for me. Anyways, I was pretty psyched when I heard they were making a sequel.

Then I started seeing screens for the sequel, and I was not thrilled that they changed the style. D2 is much more like a comic than it’s more realistic predecessor. I read some stuff about the gameplay being more in depth, but personally couldn’t get past the art style. When the demo came out, I figured I’d give it a shot and see if it’d be worth it. That’s where it did me in.

The demo was violent, brutal, cinematic, and epic. The change in art style ended up fitting the game and universe even better than the realism. The story picked up where it left off, and was just as good as the one from the first game. So many times, the story of a sequel sucks it, long and hard, but not this time. Everything else was there as well. The voice acting is incredible, especially since the voice of the darkness is none other than Mike Patton, my number 1 vocal influence. The music was great as well. Then we get to the environments and gameplay, where the changes were most noticeable…

Environments now have much more color and depth. Even though the overall art design leans towards graphics novels, there is a very believable feel to everything. They also have objects that can be picked up and thrown around and such, which leads me into the gameplay.

The gameplay is addicting and sick! It now easier to use the demon arms to fuck shit up, swinging one around to pimp slap people, while grabbing dead people and throwing their bodies (or parts of them) at their compatriots. Also, ripping open an air conditioner on the roof of a building, just so you can tear out the fan and throw it at an enemy and slicing them in half, is something that really brings a smile to my face. Also, some objects like car doors can be used as shields until they either break, or you fling them across the board to bisect that asshole with the machine gun. Also, there are special cinematic execution kills which can give you bonuses like extra health or ammo. All of these awesome aspects, and you can also use all sorts of guns as well.


Executions, Alien style!

They also integrated a leveling system of sorts, where you can purchase different talents and beef Jackie up.

With all of these things in your arsenal, you’d think this game would be a cakewalk. But nope. They curved the difficulty rather well. Still here is the usual stuff from the first one, such as needing to stay in the dark to be most powerful, since the demon arms disappear and you take damage whenever you’re in the light. They used this be giving enemies powerful flashlights and magnesium flare grenades. This made plenty of fights fucking brutal. Also, there are more powerful enemies as the game progresses, some with the ability of ripping the gun(s) from your hands and such. One area in particular took me about 10-15 minutes to beat, and had me spewing a tidal wave of insults and vulgarity that would make Tarantino blush. I like that in a game, believe it or not. So many recent games are a friggin cakewalk these days, and don’t force you to use your brain and innovate. This isn’t one of them. If you don’t pay attention and use some strategy, you’re gonna get your ass kicked!

Overall, I must say I love this game. There are certain areas of the plot that really made me go “what the fuck?!?????” and added to the mind bending oddity that this universe is built upon. I’m still not done, I’m at the end but haven’t had the time to sit down with it and finish, but unless they ruin the ending, I suggest checking it out. If you didn’t play the first game, don’t worry, there’s a full recap in the beginning where one of the characters explains what happened in the first game. If you ever played an FPS and felt it’d be cooler if your character was possessed by a demon that eats the hearts of his victims, then look no further….


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One response to “Once you go dark, you never….shit, wrong adjective…”

  1. Mr. Persona Non Grata says :

    So I finished the game last night, and it was fucking incredible. Truly one of my favorite games. Awesome shit!!!

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