This Kara can Thrace me any day….


I was sent a video this morning of a tech demo by Quantic Dream, makers of Heavy Rain. This is, apparently, neither a scene from any game in progress, nor will it become a game (supposedly). Still, I had to post it here because it’s just that fucking incredible!!! The graphics are awesome enough on their own, but what really got me was how emotive and realistic the facial expressions are, how fantastic the voice acting is, and how perfect the soundtrack is. I actually felt moved my it, which isn’t normally out of place for me, but this is just supposed to be a tech demo. The actress who plays Kara, Valorie Curry, does a phenomenal job of portraying such a believable character going through an epiphany of self awareness. I seriously can’t say enough about this other than WATCH IT. I’ve embedded it below, just to be extra emphatic….and slightly redundant….


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3 responses to “This Kara can Thrace me any day….”

  1. Tommy says :

    Absolutely incredible. I really felt scared for her as she was being disassembled. The music, the scenario, the animation, everything is absolutely incredible.

  2. Jackie R. says :

    Brings to mind a lot of philosophical questions… what is life? what is consciousness? We build something and it becomes self aware, is it a “person”? too much to think about right now

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