Burn baby burn, dante’s inferno!

I’ll start this off with a disclaimer. This post is most likely going to be very long and possibly boring for many people, so only brave these paragraphs if you have plenty of time and low expectations. This will be, in part, how I see the world, and what’s wrong with it.

There’s something wrong with the world today, and I think I know a bit about what it is. It’s such a complicated thing, our spiral downward as it is. The scope of the big picture is really so immense, that it’s damn near impossible to keep it all in mind at once, although believe me, I’ve tried. I’m only going to go over a few points here, or I’ll end up writing a novel that I can be sure nobody will read. I’m aware that people may not agree with some of what I say, and that’s cool. As I said before, this is howI see it.

I’ll start with technology. Technology, and the internet especially, has had enormous impact on our world. We can do things now that were never even dreamed of 100 years ago. Now I know that there are amazing and great things that have come about from technology exploding the way it did, but I think people overlook much of the bad that has come about.

Technology and automation takes jobs away from people. Having a manufacturing plant that’s completely automated where it used to have people in there doing those jobs, ends up saving a company money. What it also does, is put people out of work. I know people say that it creates jobs so people can make the machines that automate things, but that can be explained away by sheer numbers. If you have 100 car building plants, for instance, that get automated, they’ll but their machines from let’s say 2 companies that have 2 plants each for building these machines. Now you have 100 plants worth of workers out of work, and only 4 plants creating new jobs. A change in perspective can make all the difference.

It’s also negatively affecting our economy and social interactions. What I mean here, is that instead of shopping in stores and interacting with people, folks are shopping online. By doing so, many local shops go out of business and thus it eliminates our ability to go to a shop and talk to the people there about what we want to buy. This lack of social interaction leads to my next statement.

It’s raping social interaction. While it’s true that technology makes it easier to connect with people we wouldn’t normally have the ability to, it also means that we spend more time interacting with a keyboard and mouse, than with actual people. As a result, folks who spend most of their time online and not around people, end up being even more socially awkward in person, since interacting with others online and in person are VERY different. Another way it’s killing us socially, is with our smartphones. Ask yourself this. When was the last time you went out to dinner with friends, and nobody checked their phone other than to see if someone called? I honestly can’t remember, and I’m guilty of it too. There are many times where I’ll be sitting at dinner with friends and we’re all looking down at our phones and not interacting with one another. This is very commonplace these days, and we’re gonna end up like the fat fucks in Wall-E if we keep at it.

Next on my list is Money. Ahh yes, the all powerful money. While money in and of itself isn’t evil, greed for it has spiraled into the stratosphere. Banks control our lives, and in a very real sense they control the world. Greed for money corrupts our leaders, drives people to kill each other, and thus devolves us into something below animals. To quote Ripley from Aliens “you don’t see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage”. People can say that it’s the necessary evil, and in a way it is, but our greed is what makes it evil. There is much more to it than this, but I’m keeping this short. There are plenty of documentaries and troves of papers and reports on this stuff.

Consumerism. This is especially true in America, although other countries have similar issues. We are a nation distracted. We sit on our couches, watch our favorite television shows, eat at our favorite restaraunts, and buy the newest versions of our favorite toys. What we don’t do, is read the real news online about what’s really happening in the world, realize that Monsanto is raping our food industry with the FDA, and realize that our toys and such are mainly just distractions. Not many people give a shit that we’re at war, that our sons and daughters die overseas far from those they love, that we’re quickly losing all rights we have, so long as they get a great deal on Black Friday. The entire Occupy movement is a perfect example. They were standing up and protesting for the vast majority of people, and all they got in return was “get a job and bath, you filthy hippie” and “I hate this occupy movement because it takes me an extra 10 minutes to get to work now”. Seriously folks?

My next point is tough to start with a word. Many people today have this incredible sense of entitlement, that makes them feel they are above anyone else. Gone are the days of courtesy at the expense of satisfying the id. Now it’s “I deserve this” or “I want that”. It’s all about the self, which in effect works to destroy the most important thing for any civilization, in my opinion. Community. People nowadays would prefer not to go out of their way to do for others, or to help others in need. I believe they still feel a slight amount of guilt over this, which is why I believe they will donate to various random charities every so often. You’ll see that, much more than you’ll see people actually physically helping out at a charity or something such as that. It’s like nobody wants to be part of a community and help out anymore, they just want to do for themselves. I asked my neighbors once if they wanted my help with something in their yard. Their reaction to my offer was a slight look of shock and a moment of awkwardness, as if I just asked if I could pay their mortgage. They declined, of course.

This also ties in with the whining. Whining and crying that people aren’t getting what they want out of life. Whining when they don’t ‘win’. Whining when they are not recognised for something they do. People seem to think they are entitled to praise even when they aren’t deserving of it. Wake up, folks. This is the real world. You’re not gonna get that dream job out of college, and chances are you won’t be getting a huge promotion to an incredibly high paying job after being in the field for a year. If you don’t succeed, try harder, don’t just sit and whine how you aren’t given a fair shake and develop a case of the ‘poor me’s ‘.

Like I said in the beginning, this is really all about perspective. Sure, many of these statements can be argued and analyzed and disputed, and that’s fine. This is just my personal take on this shit. Other parts that tie into this are my post about text mediums destroying social interaction and the other post about our insignificance in the universe. When you throw it all together, it makes for a wider view of how ridiculous, fucked up, and insignificant much of this is.

So I’ll keep this relatively short and end here for now. I’m sure I’ll write a sequel to this, but we’ll see about when that will be….


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8 responses to “Burn baby burn, dante’s inferno!”

  1. Jackie R. says :

    Well.. you’re not wrong…

  2. Jackie R. says :

    No but. I think I might have had more to say on the topic, but I was very likely one handed at the time (holding the wee’un.. don’t be gross) and forgot what I wanted to say later on 😉

  3. Mr. Persona Non Grata says :

    Ahhh, gotcha. And I can’t be gross, because you’ve made it abundantly clear that it isn’t a “wee’un”….

  4. Jackie R. says :

    I just choked on my coffee lol


  5. Annette says :

    I like what you have to say and I agree with most of it. I will say however, that your example about offering the neighbor help is, perhaps, regional. You come from a large family and that often leads one to a small town mentality (in the GOOD ways) and to be honest, that is something that we moved to the country to have. Even though our houses are spread out here and we know very few individuals, in the few months we have been in New Hampshire, I have had people offer to help me with my children, my groceries, my automotive care and I have found the overall sense of “hello stranger! I acknowledge that you are there!”. On long Island, that sense was NEVER there for me, outside of people I already knew. It’s as if the cynical city mentality carried over without any justification. You live a few feet from someone with the same car, same income bracket, possibly the same school or working for the same company, and you may not ever know their name. Sadly, I think that has been the way of it since before the internet…I think it’s routed in self-centered-ism and lack of social mindedness, which undoubtedly is made WORSE by the internet LOL

    Also, I have to point out, there are political issues and social issues that I might have never HEARD of or learned about…or adopted into my life if it were not for the magic mirror that the internet has been in my entire adult life. I will still go out of my way to have a REAL person teach me things when I need it and I will call my mom for a recipe, but I can read about that thing that NOBODY I have ever met has heard of and then I can share that information. It’s amazing and it has really changed the world.
    I am MORE social (as a stay at home mom) on the computer than I could ever be if I relied on the phone. Talking on the phone is another animal entirely when you have a child listening in. He can’t read what I am typing! 🙂

    • Mr. Persona Non Grata says :

      Don’t get me wrong, I get that there ARE plenty of great things out there that came from the internet. I’m sure it’d be much easier for those in power to corral us without the internet being there for research and the sharing of information. I’m just saying it’s a double edged sword, and equally sharp on both edges….

      And yeah, the neighbor thing will usually be different depend on where you live, but even some more rural places can be alienating. My brother goes through the same shit and he lives in the Poconos. Very little neighbor interaction, and they’re kind of odd about being neighborly. It’s just strange.

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