Swing low, George Lucas, please just leave my Star Wars alone

So here we go again. The Star Wars movies are being re-released in the movie theaters, this time in 3D, in an attempt for George Lucas to milk the beloved franchise for whatever it has left in it.

I feel a serious rant coming on here…The prequels were horrible, taking much of the awesome out of the franchise, and demeaning what it was to be a SW fan. But that wasn’t where it started. The special editions of the original trilogy took some liberties that really took much of the theme and feel of the original films and ruined them. Greedo shooting first, silly scenes with jawas and droids that were added for kids, etc… This was all added to make the movies more accessible to younger kids, most likely for marketing purposes so they could sell more toys. This made much of the movie’s overall tone discordant. When Luke and Ben go to Mos Eisley, the mood is glum. People need saving, Luke just lost the only family he knew of in a horrible way, and yet Lucas felt the need to show a Jawa falling out of a saddle on a large animal and swinging by the reigns like a fool. And that’s only the start. Changing some of the lines, like when Han is saving Lando from the Sarlacc, changing the Ewok song at the end of Jedi, etc…. Granted some changes were ok, like adding some creatures or whatnot in the background, cleaning up the video and special effects, you know..small stuff.

Then we run into the new movies, where the story line and continuity was basically skullfucked, shot, buried, dug up, skullfucked again, and then thrown into garbage masher 3263827. Yoda was supposed to have trained Obi Wan, but now it’s Qui Gon. 3PO doesn’t realize who built him, or what planet he originated from. The list is enormous, and Lucas didn’t give half a shit about any of it.

Apart from that, the originals were edited again, removing the actor who played Vader unmasked and replacing him with some clown who can’t act for shit. They also keep editing the scene with Greedo shooting first, now including Han DODGING out of the way of the shot, so it looks more realistic and believable…seriously man, how far with this butchering go?

Now he’s going to pawn off these atrocities onto the next generation? Well not in my house. In my house, only three movies exist, and they are in their original condition. My son enjoys watching the movies, and he’ll only know the original versions for as long as I can control it.


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One response to “Swing low, George Lucas, please just leave my Star Wars alone”

  1. David DeMar says :

    This is exactly why I disavow the existence of Highlander 2.

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