News Flash! I’m an asshole…

Now I know that most of you will read this title and go “duh!”, but let me elaborate, because it’s so much more apparent right now.

My first blog post was basically me bitching about work and training and managing. I felt like I wasn’t doing very well with work, and was paranoid that I wasn’t being given shitty work because I was thought to be inept or untrustworthy.

Today I got called into my boss’s office. We went over some typical stuff like time sheets and whatnot. Then we got to the ‘how you are doing at your job’ portion. This is when I was expecting to hear “well, you’ve been on facebook and writing these inane articles on your blog, and reading board game rulebooks instead of working”. Instead, I got the following…

According to the powers that be at my job, I’m doing exceptionally well. They’re very pleased with how well I picked things up, and how I’ve contributed to the team as a whole. They are also happy with my work ethic and attention to detail. At this point, I was trying my hardest not to have a coronary. I was NOT expecting such praise. Granted, I do know that I’m a good worker, but I also know that I have a fair amount of downtime. So this was incredibly awesome news for me, that I’m being seen as a capable worker. Not many jobs were appreciative in that way.

Then he hits me with the sledgehammer. He spoke with his boss, and considering that I started at the tail end of last year, and only had a few months of work under my belt, they worked to get my a year end bonus, which will amount to somewhere around 2.5% or so. I seriously almost fell off my chair and evacuated my bowels simultaneously!!! It’s not typical for me to be in a situation like this, so I tried to accept it with as much dignity – and as little blubbering, sobbing, and drooling – as possible.

So now I feel like a colossal asshole for saying such negative things. I do still feel my logic is relevant with regards to many of those statements, but the negativity was apparently just me acting like a stupid child….my bad….


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4 responses to “News Flash! I’m an asshole…”

  1. David DeMar says :

    That’s great news! I think it’s hysterical that you’ve been bored off your ass but they see an incredibly productive worker. I wish I had had more jobs like that.

  2. Caitlin Edmonson Carroll says :

    Proud of you babe. 🙂 It’s nice to know others see the awesomeness of you.

  3. Jackie R. says :

    Well done mate 😉

    Are they hiring? I’m really good at doing not much of anything but coming across as being super productive 😉

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