Please pass the aggressive…

OK, for those who know me, it’s rather obvious how much I loathe passive aggressive people. Normally it’s just an irritant, but lately I’ve REALLY had it.

I just don’t really understand it, I guess. If I have a problem with something someone says or does, I’ll either suck it up or tell them. I won’t turn around and hit them indirectly, like paying paul to punch peter, because it doesn’t resolve anything. My irritation came to a head recently when I make some comments about someone on their Facebook page. I made it very obvious that I was being sarcastic and joking. Instead of responding to me, deleting my posts, or sending me a private message, this person unfriended me AND posted on their own page about how mad they were and called me a plethora of names (yes el guapo, I know what a plethora is).

I sent them a message to try to resolve it and apologized. Instead of writing me back, I got silence. That started me off. Then, another person did a similar type of passive aggressive move, so I posted on Facebook about how talking tough after doing something like that doesn’t make you the bigger person, or a big man, just a little bitch. The first person writes back stating that, if the post was about him, then it should be rethought. His reasoning? Well, he’s a cop and ex-military, which apparently means he is automatically an adult who resolves issues like a grown up. So I wrote him back, once again stating I was sorry for the comments being hurtful, and that I would happily talk things out. I also told him that he wasn’t exactly being the bigger person by calling me names and unfriending me like a child. Since then, I’ve not heard anything from him. Apparently, he’s only interested in talking when he wants to flex his muscles intimidatingly. Sorry man, but you’re not helping your cause.

Now it’s true that this is more of a pointed rant about a specific instance, but it happens all the time. People bringing up bad things another has done in public just to embarrass them. Being a miserable person when out with a group of people because you don’t want to be there, thus bringing the group down. Waiting until the last possible time to do something for someone, and/or half assing it. These are things that are just kind of childish, and are incredibly insulting to those around you.

On a personal note, I do try to resolve such instances in a helpful an adult way at first. When that fails, as it often does, I find it enjoyable to respond to behavior like that with specially crafted statements that will drive that person insane, while being vague enough to everyone else to not really matter. A little passive aggressive…? It’s borderline, but it beats my usual schtick of bluntly bringing it up to them in the most insulting, hurtful, and horrible way possible. Sorry, but if you’re gonna act that way and don’t care about my feelings, and are unwilling to act with respect and talk things out, then why should I continue to be the better person? I’m a firm believer that taking the high road isn’t always the best option. Sometimes, in order to fight the monster, you need a monster….

So feel free to be a passive aggressive little twit, then I shall verbally flog you with my +10 dildo of off-color sarcasm….


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5 responses to “Please pass the aggressive…”

  1. David DeMar says :

    I’m not going to say anything about this post directly, but later on I’m going to bitch about it to people you don’t know in vague terms on my Facebook page.

  2. mrpersonanongrata says :

    LOL! I’ll play your game, you rogue….

  3. Jessica Schreiber says :

    Oh, how this is my current situation, to a tee. People are so busy nursing their bruised egos that they just choose to act like you don’t exist. I also sent an email to a certain person who unfriended me, person responded, then I responded. Haven’t heard from them since and I know they’ve been on Facebook because we have mutual friends. This is a family member, too. People are ridiculous. Anyway, this post showed me that I don’t have to feel bad about anything, and that I’m the bigger person!

    • Mr. Persona Non Grata says :

      Glad it helped. You shouldn’t have to worry about shit like that, people should be able to resolve their differences like grown ups, rather than throw stupid little tantrums and talk bad about you behind your back. Then again, people should have a lot of things….like hoverboards, damnit!

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