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Insignificance and Atheism

As many know, and others will soon understand, I’m an atheist. Apart from that, I tend to have issues with many religions. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate on them because they believe something that I don’t. In some ways, I even envy them, but I’ll get to that later. My main issue with them is that they believe every little thing on our planet and in their lives is controlled and orchestrated by this being. This seems pretty conceited, especially given the actual size of our “known” universe. Let’s have a little lesson in perspective, whaddya say?!

In this video, it zooms out to the known observable universe. You can also check this website for a demonstration of the scale of the universe from smallest particle to the observable universe. Just to throw a few numbers out there, our galaxy has an estimated 100 BILLION stars in it. Our sun is one such star, and the sun has close to 10 planet class satellites orbiting it. We can’t see planets outside of our solar system, since they only reflect light and don’t create it.

Now, according to scientists, there are an estimated 100 BILLION galaxies in the KNOWN universe, each containing roughly the same number of stars. Each of those stars could be parts of systems containing planets that could support life.

Please keep in mind that this is only theobservable universe. The reason we literally cannot see further is this: The universe is thought to be ~14 Billion years old. The farthest object in space that we can see is thus 14 billion light years away, and the light getting to us now from these stars is from the big bang era, when the universe was very young. We cannot see more deeply into space because, with the universe being only 14 billion years old, the light they generate has not had enough time to reach us yet. Pretty mind blowing shit, if you ask me.

So, considering how unperceivably enormous the known universe is, any all powerful creator would thus need to be mindful of every minor happening on every world, and in every creature’s life. Seems quite a bit ridiculous. Also, it seems rather conceited to say that a god would create US in it’s image and whatnot. Many of the statements by religions are just mostly that, conceited. Our race isn’t the center of the universe, but humanity is a bit too self important to think so.

Now I separate religions from those who believe in god, or gods, because you need not follow a religion to believe in something greater than yourself. Those who believe there’s an orchestrator, who fine tuned every minor detail with at least a four dimensional view of reality, is a stretch to me.

Finally, my jealousy. I’m jealous of those who are able to believe in such a thing, because I think it makes life easier, less frightening, and much more bearable. The biggest part for me is the afterlife. I don’t believe there is anything after death, since such a thing would be ridiculous, especially given the scope of the universe. I think it’s just part of the ecosystem, we are given life and consciousness by being bound to energy, and when we die that energy is recycled back into the universe. This isn’t the “afterlife” that I’d want. I don’t want my consciousness, my memories, my life, loves, thoughts, etc… to just cease to exist. The only thing I have to look forward to is nothingness. The cessation of who and what I am. I make no mystery of the fact that I wish I could believe differently, but I’d be lying to myself by doing so. The ramifications of this cause great pain, knowing I’ll never see passed on loved ones again, not spending eternity with those I love, not being able to look down upon my children and their children and see them be amazing people, silently supporting them through hardship and joy.

There is a slight upside to believing as such. I tend to make much more of my life than other people. So many people say that you should live each moment as if it’s your last, and appreciate being alive and live in the moment. I literally do this 90% of the time. Living like that means hardship, pain, and trial don’t bother or stress me as much, since going through such things reminds me constantly that I’m alive. It also just reinforces the good when it comes along. It’s such a bittersweet thing to not believe in a god or gods, or even an afterlife. On one hand, it enabled me to live a fuller life and truly enjoy what I have and the glorious world around me. On the other hand, it gave me only nothingness and a true loss of who I am to look forward to, which fills me with profound sadness and fear. All in all equally balanced, but it’d be nice to have my cake and eat it to.

Anyways, sorry for the existential blues, just in a very pensive mood today.


Battle of the wives

So last night I went to see Underworld Awakening, the latest in the Kate Beckinsale Pleatherfest flicks. It actually wasn’t bad. Predictable, cliché, gratuitous (not the nudity kind of gratuitous, unfortunately), yet very entertaining. It’s mindless eye candy, and I’m totally cool with that.

Anyways, that aside, I was watching the trailers, there was a trailer for another Resident Evil movie. Now, I really enjoyed the first 3, but the fourth was kind of”huh?”. This new one apparently brings back characters that died in the first movie. Not sure how that’s gonna work….

This really made me wonder if Kate and Milla are in some sort of “wives of the directors” competition for most sequels in a scifi/horror series.Both of them are married to the writer/directors of the movies in question. Milla is now going to release her 5th Resident Evil movie, and Kate just released the 3rd  underworld, with another apparently on the way since this one ended in a cliffhanger.

If they are in a competition, I’m pretty sure it’s a tie right now. I don’t think the last RE should count, since it wasn’t very good at all, especially compared to the first 3. Also, the Rise of the Lycans movie doesn’t count since it didn’t have Kate.

Who will win? I don’t know, but so long as they keep running around in tight skimpy outfits, kicking ass all the way, I really don’t care…


So I’m in the bathroom today, squashing off a prize winner that’d make Guinness. In the stall next to me, is a chap who’d been there when I arrived. Now I had to be in there awhile, and the whole time I was thinking of the weird shit (intended) people seem to do and think of when in a bathroom at work.

First. I’m sitting there doing my business. I should be keeping my head in the game, but instead I’m glancing at the shoes of the person in the stall next to me, trying like hell to guess who the fuck it is. Then, I go through a quiet patch while waiting for the next round of hardcore playdough factory. During this time, I’m thinking “that dude’s not making a move or a sound…motherfucker is in the stall just wasting time, probably sleeping or some shit.”.

Now, during times like this, I tend to get irritated. Let’s face it, it does sometimes feel awkward when you’re releasing a shitstorm of vomulence-inducing proportions, and there’s someone in the stall next to you. Because let’s face it, chances are they’re looking at your shoes and may ascertain your identity. Then you’ll have to worry about being known as the fucking Golgothan all over the office. It’s bad enough when someone is already in there cursing the bowl with his putrescence, but when they aren’t doing anything but hanging out it becomes maddening.

Another stupid thing that goes through your head, is when you can kinda see through the tiny space between the stall door and the wall or door frame. Then, whenever someone goes by, you wonder to yourself “are they looking through the cracks trying to see me in here?”. So you try and get creative by lowering your head and covering up, as if anyone really wants to see what’s happening in there. I happen to know that whenever I see that a stall is occupied, I make it a point of looking the other way the ENTIRE time. The last thing I wanna see is Santa atop the throne of hell, squashing off a yule log.

My next issue, and this is a personal pet peeve of mine, is people talking in the bathroom. If I’m in the stall, or at the urinal, I’m not interested in conversation. I don’t find it enjoyable to start talking to guys while I’m handling the sensitive equipment. Also, I have no desire to chat up someone who knuckle deep in his own goddamn meat dish. You wanna talk? Wait til I’m outside the room and I’ll chat all you want, but cock-in-hand is not a good time to start chatting up another dude…unless you putt from the rough, that is….

Finally,  my biggest problem. I laugh. I can’t help myself. Maybe it’s just because part of me never grew up, but when someone is farting or shitting very noisily, I bust out laughing. This makes for incredibly awkward moments, especially when I’m standing at the urinal when it happens, and someone is at the sink washing their hands. Now I look like a goddamn lunatic fifth grader because I’m guffawing at someone’s explosive diarrhea. It’s even worse when I start laughing and I’M the one making the noise!!! Talk about awkward!!! I can only imagine what people think when they leave, which is why I sometimes wait until the room has cleared out, and hope they didn’t secretly stake out the entrance to the bathroom in hopes of seeing exactly who this laughing asshole is!!!

I’m with the band…

So as many of you know, I’m in a band. I sing for a local Hard Rock band who will go unnamed for now. I’ve been singing for local bands since about 2005 or so, performing in both cover bands and original bands.

This all started many moons ago, around 2001 or so, when a close friend asked me to play keyboards in his original band. I joined up, and we worked on some good music for a bunch of years. Unfortunately, as time went on, I realized that my style of play didn’t fit the music very well. Many times it just made a mess of things, and good songs ended up a mess as a result. I left the band due to personal differences, and a bit of shame, in 2005, deciding to take a chance at fronting up a band as a lead vocalist instead. After a very rocky start, I ended up doing some truly awesome projects. 2 great original bands, and one great cover band. It’s seriously been a blast.

Why am I going into all of this? Fucked if I know! I’m pretty much just babbling at this point. A few things I wanted to get across, just to clear up some misconceptions.

I don’t technically consider myself a musician. I hang out with them, and sing with them, but I wouldn’t call myself a musician. Allow me to expand on that. In my opinion, a musician is someone who writes music or plays an instrument. I don’t write music, and I don’t personally consider singing playing an instrument.  (My vocal coach would disagree, and if she reads this I’m in some serious shit…) Anyways, I never found it too easy to write music out of the blue. The few times I have, it came out like ass. Most of the writing in my band now is done by the other members, Fat Hitler, and the One Note Kid. Our drummer, Chocolate, writes his beats and does a pretty kick ass job at that.

My other issue? I’m not one of those crazy frontmen with tons of presence. So many of my friends disagree because they’ve known me for ages, and I used to be an absolute lunatic. Somewhere along the way, I mellowed out in a big way. Nowadays, it’s hard for me to let that person out. Right now, he’s chained up in the basement, and letting him out could have a disastrous outcome. Maybe I’m just being a pussy, and should just allow him out on stage. I’m going to slowly open the door, and let a little out at a time. Otherwise, I’ll probably end up trashing the stage or blowing the fucking place up! Anyways, just figured I’d throw all that out there, cuz it’s been on my mind. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how stupid I’m being. After all, I’m not blind to the fact that all this is just ridiculous…

Apparently, St. Valentine was an asshole….

So here we are….Valentine’s day. Honestly, I never like Valentine’s day. I’m sure this has quite a bit to do with the revulsion I got from the opposite sex until I went to college, but whatever. The holiday is fucking bullshit.

Having the one day a year to show your partner or spouse that you love them and care, is horse shit. It isn’t necessary, because people should appreciate who they have all the time. Whether it’s the girl you’re dating who treats you right, or the wife who tends your kids and home and makes it a great place to come home to, it shouldn’t matter. This also goes for the ladies, who should appreciate the guy you’re dating who treats you right, or the husband who takes care of his family with love and compassion. Appreciate what you have, all year round. If you don’t, then you don’t deserve what you have.

Now, when I was younger, I worked at a movie theater. At this point in my life, I was in college, and was almost perpetually single. I HATED Valentine’s day, since it was just a hot searing knife in the guts to be at work and see nothing but couples coming in and being cute and blah blah blah. This added to my misery regarding the subject.

So, one particular Valentine’s day, I had a younger couple come up to the counter asking for refreshments (I worked concessions, if you haven’t already guessed that). They ordered their popcorn and soda, but this was the problem. While I was trying to talk to them and get their order out of them, they were constantly making out and groping each other and holding up the line. This is where I decided that I would be the karmic force that taught them a lesson in manners and appropriate behavior. It, of course, had nothing to do with my bitterness regarding the “holiday”. Nothing at all.

I filled up their order, and as I was talking back with their ginormous sodas and popcorn, they were full on making out in front of my register. I’m not sure what happened, it must’ve been something on the floor for sure, but I somehowslipped‘ and stumbled forward. As I did, I ‘accidentally‘ aimed the lids of the cups at the lip-locked couple and squeezed with all of my might and rage….out of reflex, of course. I also ended up tipping the popcorn at them. In the end, I stood standing in front of a young couple, standing in shock, disbelief, and fury, both of whom were soaked in cold soda and covered in salt and popcorn. It was sort of like a modern tar and feathering. The gentlemen lost his mind and tried to grab me over the counter. I dodged away, and he was grabbed by security. The managers spoke to him and they ended up with some free stuff, which is fine by me, since I ended up with what I wanted….satisfaction.

The moral of this story is this. You can appreciate and love and be affectionate to your partner all you want, but don’t be a couple of rude fucks about it. Have some class, or you’ll end up regretting it someday. Happy Valentine’s day!

Swing low, George Lucas, please just leave my Star Wars alone

So here we go again. The Star Wars movies are being re-released in the movie theaters, this time in 3D, in an attempt for George Lucas to milk the beloved franchise for whatever it has left in it.

I feel a serious rant coming on here…The prequels were horrible, taking much of the awesome out of the franchise, and demeaning what it was to be a SW fan. But that wasn’t where it started. The special editions of the original trilogy took some liberties that really took much of the theme and feel of the original films and ruined them. Greedo shooting first, silly scenes with jawas and droids that were added for kids, etc… This was all added to make the movies more accessible to younger kids, most likely for marketing purposes so they could sell more toys. This made much of the movie’s overall tone discordant. When Luke and Ben go to Mos Eisley, the mood is glum. People need saving, Luke just lost the only family he knew of in a horrible way, and yet Lucas felt the need to show a Jawa falling out of a saddle on a large animal and swinging by the reigns like a fool. And that’s only the start. Changing some of the lines, like when Han is saving Lando from the Sarlacc, changing the Ewok song at the end of Jedi, etc…. Granted some changes were ok, like adding some creatures or whatnot in the background, cleaning up the video and special effects, you know..small stuff.

Then we run into the new movies, where the story line and continuity was basically skullfucked, shot, buried, dug up, skullfucked again, and then thrown into garbage masher 3263827. Yoda was supposed to have trained Obi Wan, but now it’s Qui Gon. 3PO doesn’t realize who built him, or what planet he originated from. The list is enormous, and Lucas didn’t give half a shit about any of it.

Apart from that, the originals were edited again, removing the actor who played Vader unmasked and replacing him with some clown who can’t act for shit. They also keep editing the scene with Greedo shooting first, now including Han DODGING out of the way of the shot, so it looks more realistic and believable…seriously man, how far with this butchering go?

Now he’s going to pawn off these atrocities onto the next generation? Well not in my house. In my house, only three movies exist, and they are in their original condition. My son enjoys watching the movies, and he’ll only know the original versions for as long as I can control it.

Politics Warning

Just reposting a facebook status update I saw today, regarding the fact that the President used the NDAA to declare war on Iran without the consent of congress. He did this, while everyone was watching the superbowl. Yay America!

WARNING! “Obama Signed Executive Order Declaring War On Iran on February 5th while America was watching the Super-Bowl. !
On February 5, 2012, President Obama invoked the NDAA, which authorizes the use of military force, and issues an executive order declaring the “threat” of Iran a National Emergency. The video below shows this issuance of President Obama executive order which declares Iran’s threat… to cut off oil supplies a national emergency.
The executive order directs all government agencies to respond immediately to the threat. It further invokes the authority of the 2012 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which gives the President the power to launch military action against any nation without the approval of Congress. Ironically, the State of Emergency order also accuses the Iranian central bank of deceptive banking practices.